Sunday, 21 December 2014

Way to go, 2014!

On January 1st 2014, I posted this about what I was excited about for the year ahead. I thought it might be fun to have a look back and see if it all went to plan! 

Ah, the quest for silver hair... *sighs* As much as I love my new 'do, I miss it every day!
January - go back to uni, Joe's birthday, meet Leona
Well, I didn't meet Leona as the weather decided to go mental and destroyed the whole section of railway lines between us two! Which we were gutted about, of course, but natural disasters aside, I think January was an alright month for me. 

February - go and see my family, trip to London
I did both of these things! My surprise valentine's trip to London was to go see Foals perform - which was amazing! Seeing my family was also fantastic, and it looks like we'll be seeing them again in Feb 2015. Why must I live so far away?! 

March, April, May - uni deadlines, decide future
A year ago I was mulling over whether I would take my third and final year of uni. I think it's safe to assume you all know that I did go for it in the end. Sadly, there are still some areas of uni that could be vastly improved, but I'm hoping to make some sort of change with my role as student rep. We shall see. 

June, July, August - anniversary
I basically had no plans whatsoever for the summer, but wanted to do something nice for our anniversary in August. It's safe to say that we did, and I wore my super cute yellow dress. We also moved in July, so that was pretty awesome. 

September, October - festival, birthdays!
Well, what d'ya know, Dylan and I both had our birthdays, just like we planned! Dylan's was very Batman themed, including a Batman cake that I decorated all by myself - screw you, Asda! I had a really great birthday, we went to the BEST restaurant ever, and then a few days later I celebrated with my uni friends and fell asleep on my train home! Not my finest moment, sure, but fun all the same! 

November, December - Christmas
Apparently I had really high hopes for Christmas and had hoped to spend it with my family. Obviously, I'd clearly forgotten that I'm married to a chef and that he will basically never get any time off during the whole of December. Maybe next year if he can get a job in somewhere that closes on the big day!

That was fun! Maybe I should write another post like this for 2015 - would anyone be interested in that? What did you get up to in 2014?

Chelsea xo


  1. Loved this post! And for the record, I love your new hair!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. love this style post, I can't wait to read your goals/events for 2015! Merry Christmas my little Elf!! :)

  3. what a cute idea! hope you had a nice christmas :)

    xx danielle //

  4. Thank you, I had a lovely christmas, hope you did too! :) xx

  5. I've just typed them up haha ;) so not long to wait now! Hope you had a lovely christmas xxx

  6. Thank you so much, I do like it but I miss being blonde haha! :) xx


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