Saturday, 13 December 2014

It's Christmastime, Feeling Greedy?

If you'd have asked me a month ago what The Greedy Book is, I would have definitely thought it was some sort of recipe book - maybe with pies and cakes being the main feature. As amazing as that would be (and perfect for a pie and cake fan like me) it's actually a brilliant website, designed to store up all those items you've found online and completely love.

Essentially, The Greedy Book is an online wishlist - but it has a really great twist. You can add comments to each item you include. So, on that lovely £140 coat from Seasalt (first spotted on Ruth's blog) my note is "see if it goes on sale first!" as I'd much rather have a few lovely things off of my list, rather than have Santa spend all my Christmas allowance on a coat! 

Another favourite feature, is that you can create as many 'books' as you wish. This is great, as it means I can create a greedy book for myself - which I can sneakily leave open on my browser, or send a link to anyone who asks me what I would like - and I can create one for Joe, Dylan or any other member of the family! This is superb for me, as often I see something online, usually in another blogger's wishlist, and I think "wow, Joe's sister would love that!" so I heart it on bloglovin', but then forget all about it. The Greedy Book means I can save every little link to it's own book, and that way I'll always know where it is. Even better, I can choose if the book is private or not, which means when I share my own gift book, Joe won't be able to see what ideas I have saved for him. Perfect! 

Overall, I think The Greedy Book is a really lovely idea. I'd first spotted it on Becky's blog, when she went to their launch party. The team behind TGB really seemed so nice, and had given such amazing attention to detail for the launch party - something that really comes across on their website as well.  You can follow them on twitter and facebook as well, and they're usually posting beautiful items that you'll most certainly be adding to your book. I'm definitely going to use The Greedy Book for all my gifting needs from now on! 

So what do you think? Have you ever heard of The Greedy Book?

Chelsea xo
*The Greedy Book is an excellent small business, but I haven't been paid to share it! I just really love it!*


  1. I feel like this was created for me but yet no one told me! will be checking it out. how lush would that snowdrop coat looks on ya ;)

  2. Oh thank you ;) it's the best site ever, I'm so glad it exists!


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