Friday, 12 December 2014

Book Club #9 - The Rosie Effect

My last book review was of The Rosie Project which -spoiler alert- I really enjoyed. I was pretty excited to find out that a sequel was to be released, and made sure I got my hands on it as quickly as possible. Luckily for me, I got it for my birthday and I ended up reading it last month.

The Rosie Effect - Graeme Simsion. Also, hello new bedding!
Set almost a year after The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect jumps straight in with Rosie and Don now happily married and living in New York. All is going well for the couple - as Don works as a professor at Columbia University, where Rosie is also studying for her MD qualification - until Rosie drops a bombshell. That's right, she's pregnant. 

If you read my review of The Rosie Project, you'll know that I really enjoyed reading the first book. The characters were endearing, funny and easy to like. Which is great news, but often means writing a sequel is a hard task for any author. Luckily, I whizzed through The Rosie Effect and didn't feel like it was lacking at all - that Graeme Simsion has done it again!  

Excuse the shoddy editing on this one. Despite being taken only moments after the first image, it was apparently taken at nighttime. *shakes fist at camera*
Those familiar with the characters will know all about Don's quirks. His overly-logical nature and social awkwardness haven't been dulled in this second book, and if anything, are really put to the test when he finds out he will become a father. The Baby Project commences almost immediately, and he manages to get himself into tricky situations that only Don could find.

I really enjoyed reading The Rosie Effect but the ending was probably my favourite bit. It wrapped up the whole story in the best possible way - full of Don's blundering ways and a ridiculous twist. If you've read The Rosie Project, I really recommend grabbing the sequel and soaking it up over the holidays.

Have you read The Rosie Effect? Did you think it lives up to The Rosie Project? 

Chelsea xo


  1. I loved the Rosie Project - witty, and with well-rounded characters. Sadly I was hugely disappointed by the Rosie Effect: I found it quite depressing how awful their marriage was. For example, Rosie decides to leave but doesn't ever talk to Don about how unhappy she is? And he never notices? I know that part of the 'joke' is his obliviousness but not noticing that your marriage is in serious trouble? I also didn't like the stereotypes of the lesbian researchers. It seemed a rush job to me, so although there were some nice set pieces, it just didn't live up to the first book.

  2. I really like the Rosie project but haven't read this one yet, need to get around to it, aiming to read over Christmas! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. It's so good, I think you'll really enjoy it :) x

  4. Yeah, I can see what you mean. I really thought more Rosie would have been good, like you said, she basically doesn't talk to Don for the majority of the book!

  5. I have The Rosie Effect sat on my bedside table at the moment; it's next on my list of books to read and I'm really looking forward to it! :-) xx


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