Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wellbeing & Fitness - time to change

Boycotting the traditional New Year's Resolution, I have decided to change my life for the better a month or so earlier than the norm. I've always struggled with NYR as I hate feeling like I've let myself down - which is inevitable, really - so I want to make a change that isn't tied to that feeling. I mean, any sort of resolution has pressure to it, but by doing it when I like, and not on a day when everyone in the whole world is doing it as well, then I feel like I can ease myself in and maybe stick at it. 

This time, I want to sort out all the areas of my wellbeing. As a mother, I am hugely aware of how unfit I am. Dylan is forever trying to get me to run around playing football with him, and it's just something that I can't do. For his sake, I want to get myself at a comfortable level where I can run around and play all those crazy make-believe games with him. Hence the trainers. I actually asked Joe to get me them as an early Christmas present, how depressing is that? My plan is to wake myself up a little earlier than usual - even on weekends :( - to either run or do some xbox fitness stuff. I'd like to alternate on the two, but no doubt I'll probably dance more when it's raining outside.

Fitness aside, I also want to improve my health - which is were the Bimuno Immunaid Probiotics* comes in. My immune system is shocking, and I am always catching the latest cold because of it. Funnily enough, when I was little I managed to convince myself that I would die from scurvy because I had such a bad immune system from not eating oranges and lemons. Pretty sure we were studying 'life at sea' around the same time, but nonetheless, I guess I've always been aware of my constant bugs and colds. I'm hoping that the immune system boost will be the start of a healthy eating process for me. I've never been a fan of green food, so it's taking a lot of time, trial and error to find healthier food that I like, or at least can grow to like. 

The This Works pillow spray is another thing that I think will help my wellbeing - as I often have trouble sleeping. They say that you need 8 solid hours a night to allow your body to repair and your mind to rest, but I probably get around five or six hours, and even then it is interrupted. It smells heavenly, and I'm pretty sure it's been a huge help to my sleep the last few hours. 

Now, I just need to persevere and hopefully by the time January 1st rolls around, my resolution will be to "keep going" rather than to "make a huge change". 

Have you started a wellbeing regime lately? Anything else I need to consider?

Chelsea xo


  1. I have been doing the same, I have been working crazy hours for the past few months but it is calming down now so want to focus on doing some more exercise! I definitely think you need more sleep, I can't function on less than 8 a night! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I started eating better and going to the gym about three months ago. I put off making any changes for ages but one day I just got really fed up of feeling bad about myself. I knew things were getting better as the scales were going down. But the real defining moments that changes were being made was last night when I was able to keep up in my abs class, and today when I realized my clothes are a lot more comfortable. It will be hard work but soon you will have these moments too and will realize it was all worth while.

  3. my life goal is to be fit and quit smoking! That pillow spray is amazing, I had one in a beauty box and need to buy a new one! good luck with your goal x

  4. I've been doing well at the gym recently, going 3 times a week or more, but it's the eating I struggle with! I'm always getting colds too, and right now I'm full of it! Those probiotics are just calling my name!

  5. I really need to completely change my eating, it's still so bad! I've been downloading a load of apps which help with monitoring my fitness which has been a great motivation, but yeah. Ain't seeing any changes if I still eat rubbish!

  6. What a fab find in a beauty box, I've basically given up on them all now! You can do it, think how awesome it'll feel when you can say you did it! My dad apparently got hypnotised into stopping smoking, so maybe try that ;) x

  7. Thanks for the inspiration Joy, that's the sort of thing I'm hoping for. I'd always been one size in all the stores, and now I'm having to actually try everything out first or send stuff back if I get my usual - which is really frustrating! If I can get back to being just *one* size, then I'll be chuffed x

  8. I've been trying one of those sleep apps you can get for your phone, and apparently I wake up *so* much in the middle of the night, and get hardly any deep sleep, which I guess explains why I always feel so tired! Not entirely sure how I can fix that, but it's definitely something for me to read up on! x


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