Saturday, 15 November 2014

Wandering around Bath.

On Wednesday, I played tourist in Bath. It's was quite funny, really. As I'm always rushing off for trains and the like, I've never really wandered about. Sure, I've got lost a few times back in first year (and maybe at other times too, don't judge), but I've never just walked for the sake of it. That last image is from the inside of the Assembly Rooms - aren't those chandeliers wonderful? Trying to convince Joe that we need at least one in the house now. 

We're studying Persuasion by Jane Austen so we headed off to all the Bath locations in the novel, with my lecturer and an English lecture giving us the guided tour. Did you know, if you go into a city and there's a Cheap Street, chances are that prostitutes used to live there. See, don't say I never teach you anything! Of course, Bath is a beautiful place, and whilst I knew that before, it was really interesting to find out more about that lovely golden city I call my university home.

Have you visited Bath before? Have you been on a literary trail? 

Chelsea xo


  1. I went to Bath for the day as I have friends over in Bristol and loved it! It is such a beautiful city and I loved the river with the old buildings. I didn't go in to see the actual baths but will have to do that next time! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I do like Bath but so many people (mainly my work colleagues) rave about how it's been beautiful for centuries. I've lived within 10 miles of Bath all my life and back in the 80's it was a right mess, it was only when it got it's World Heritage status in 1987 that the council decided to clean and tidy the whole place up. I think I need to write a post about how a large amount of Bath's beauty is a modern thing (although the local tourist office would probably have a fit!) :-) xx

  3. i've only been a few times but it's such a lovely place, I haven't really explored it properly either.. i am missing out! the history of places is always fascinating :)

  4. Oh really? I didn't know that, I'd love to read about it! I prefer Bristol, but don't tell the tourist office ;) xx

  5. I've never been in the baths either! I was invited to go recently but had to miss out, boo! :( xx


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