Monday, 24 November 2014

My awesome new journal & an update!

Just a short update to show off my pretty new Frankie journal. Isn't it wonderful? I can't wait to start using it! It even has a pen holder thing! Excited! Other updates include:

- I have two huge deadlines coming up in the first week of December - panic! 
- I am around halfway through my Christmas shopping, oh yeah be jel.
- Joe has had this week off work as we're going to see The National and Wild Beasts on Wednesday - more excitement! 
- This also means we're going out for tapas on Friday! 
- And probably burgers in London on Wednesday!

How are you? Gimme the latest in your best short form style, go! Can you recommend any great must eat places in London?

Chelsea xo


  1. Be even more jel, as I've finished my Christmas shopping! (Ok, brag over). That journal is GORGEOUS and I need one in my life! x

  2. Ahh LUSH journal!! I bought the cutest Alice in Wonderland one from Asia on eBay last year but completely forgot to use it... :/ Oops. ha
    Christmas shopping must be so fun for you with having Dylan! Is he excited already?


  3. I've failed at using journals/calenders etc since leaving uni - my life is never full/fun enough to fill one up lol. I've only just started Christmas shopping, we don't really buy a lot for each other - more about the food and bad TV for us lol.

  4. Prettiest journal ever, so so sweet <3 xo


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