Saturday, 8 November 2014

Books for Dylan.

For the past few days, every time I have sat down to write a post, I haven't been happy with the result. On Wednesday, I tried writing a home wish list, but got frustrated because all the shelves I could find were hideous. Friday I tried writing about the Lena Dunham fiasco, but realised I don't know or understand enough. Seriously, every paragraph had 'I just don't understand' in there somewhere. Today, I tried wanted to post a life update, but then I remembered basically the last three posts have been life updates, and not a lot had really happened. 

Luckily, I think I've found some sort of groove, when a Book People catalogue fell through my letterbox. I love The Book People. I'm not 100% sure how ethical it is - I mean, those prices are so cheap, surely someone's losing out! - but they've got really good feedback, and I've always had a pleasant experience with them. Today, I want to share with you some books I'm intending on getting Dylan for Christmas. One of my 101 in 1001 Days things is to get Dylan 10 books I loved as a child, so when better to get him books than at Christmas? 

50 book Ladybird collection - We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Guess How Much I Love You
The Jolly Christmas Postman - 10 book Julia Donaldson collection

I think you would be daft not to buy this collection. It's got 50 classics from the Ladybird archives and it's only £30. It contains basically all the fairytales we know and love, including Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Beauty and the Beast. The books cover a wide reading age, as well, so while at the start I will read them all to Dylan, by the time he's 7 he should have them all sussed! That's excellent value for money, if you ask me! 

Next up we have We're Going on a Bear Hunt, which I always loved at storytime. I can't believe it's actually 25 years old! I used to love pretending to splish-splosh about when having this read to me. I think Dylan would love it as well, as he's pretty messy and would no doubt love the pretend-play this book brings. 

Guess How Much I Love You is also celebrating an anniversary, it's 20 years for this one! I never actually had this one as a child, but all my cousins did - maybe my parents were trying to tell me something! Anyhow, this one has a very sweet sentiment, and Dylan's quite fond on bunnies so I'm sure this one would be a hit. 

I love all Allan and Janet Ahlberg stories, but The Jolly Postman was always my favourite. Well, until they released The Jolly Christmas Postman! I mean, seriously, what more do you want? Great story, great images, and even better - you get to read everyone's letters to Santa and family members! As a nosy child, who loved Christmas, reading and always wanted my own letter writing set, this was the perfect book for me. I'm definitely getting this one for Christmas, whether I share it with Dylan or not is another matter entirely... 

Lastly, we have the awesome 10 book Julia Donaldson collection. Dylan is a big fan of the Gruffalo and Stick Man, so this collection would be a huge hit with him. Plus, it has Room on the Broom, which is apparently one of Donaldson's best - so I'm pretty excited for that! For £10, this seems like a bargain in my eyes. 

So there we have it, some books I'd love to share with Dylan! 
Did you read any of these books as a nipper? 

Chelsea xo


  1. All of these books are amazing! We're going on a bear hunt is secretly still a favourite of mine! Xx

  2. I used to love the Lady Bird books as a child. At the moment LM has none but I'd love to get her a collection like that! We already have We're Going on a Bear Hunt (I read it to her for the first time the other night and she loved it!) and Guess How Much I Love You which has been one of our favourites since birth. We also have loads of Julia Donaldson books.

    Hairy Mclary, Meg & Mog, Winnie the Witch and The Jolly Postman are on our list!

  3. I loved reading as a child and We're going on a bear hunt was one of my favourites, and I remember always getting out the Jolly Christmas Postman from my school library as I loved it! I also loved the Mr Men books. I can't wait to have children and get them into reading.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  4. It's so nice being able to share all the stories I loved! :) x

  5. I used to love Hairy Mclary, I'm sure she'll love it! :) x

  6. Pooh bear is my favourite, but we already have those :D haha xx

  7. I had a catalogue arrive the other week and was drawn in... so bad! xD
    I don't remember reading any of those books when I was younger, besides some of the ladybird ones!

  8. I don't know why but children's books just melt my heart! he's going to be one happy boy. xx

  9. You should see if any toddlers you know have them in their collection haha :) xx

  10. I hope so! We read Stick Man almost every night so I'm kind of exciting for a change haha xx


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