Friday, 3 October 2014

Things That Make You Go...


You know the feeling, right? You're just casually minding your own business when something catches your eye and then immediately makes you wish you could crawl into the deepest pit of the earth, never to return again? Please tell me I am not alone in this. 

For those lucky lot that have no idea of the horror I am describing, let me explain. Sometimes, in life, things happen beyond your control. These things can shock you, unnerve you and even make you burst into tears. As rational human beings - and British - we often find the politest thing to do is to just die on the inside, rather than telling someone of the horrific visual crimes they are committing. You need an example? Oh, I've got plenty of examples...

- Yesterday, I saw a grown man (I'm guessing mid thirties?) wearing a t-shirt which said LEGOver and had some lego figures 'doing it'. Hey, I'm no prude, but dude, my three year old loves Lego and started pointing in sheer joy at your ridiculous t-shirt. 

- Sometimes, you can be in a really civilised conversation with someone, and then they go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like, 'I read in the Daily Mail...' No, honey. No. Let's not. Nuh uh. 

- I work in a shop. It's a popular high street brand, and our rival store is pretty much directly across the street. Occasionally, when helping a customer, it might dawn upon me that we do not have whatever it is they need in stock. This is no big deal, I can order it in for you! Or I could check to see if it's in another store? But no, there will always be one angry customer who takes pride in telling me that they'll go across the road and take their custom over there. Well, fine by me, but why be so rude? 

- Living in a less than desirable town, I will often see parents with small children dashing around, looking flustered. I'm not judging here, of course, as nine times out of ten, that parent is me. However, I will judge you, if you proceed to give your toddler a whole bottle of coke to themselves, a share bag of skittles, and then scream at them when they pull faces or let go of the pushchair. It's not good.

Honestly, I could go on. I'd actually wrote down a few other things, but I seem to have misplaced my list. Bet your bottom dollar that I'll be posting the sequel to this post in good time. 

So, is it just me? Should these things not bother me? What makes you lose faith in humanity? 

Chelsea xo


  1. So many things. So very many things starting with the pr**k who stopped his car in the middle of the road yesterday to get out and scream at me whilst bashing my bonnet. His wife just looked on, mortified.
    Any Daily Fail readers make me openly weep. I don't want to be a judgey cow but come on?
    Oh and anything that Katie Hopkins does makes me lose faith in humanity just a little more.
    And THOSE people who think it's ok to behave like three year olds from behind their computer screen, dirty little trolly types. Hate.

    SEQUEL! Now!
    And your new design is bloody beautiful! That picture up there ^^ is that current? Have you chopped?? Looking hot!
    M x

  2. My goodness, what an a-hole! I'm sure karma will come and kick him right on the hooter! Well yes, those sorts are always ridiculous, I honestly don't understand why anyone would waste their own time writing pathetic words to a stranger over the internet! Get a hobby, trolls!

    Why thank you, yeah I got my hair cut last week, I can't believe you didn't notice it already *pouts* x

  3. Men. I'm such a misandrist at the moment. I hate them all. >:(

    Danniella x

  4. let's hit them with a hammer! x

  5. Omg I love rant posts they're such a favourite! I work for quite a big high street brand myself and the amount of times i've had customers say they would go elsewhere to a well known rival! as if a sales assistant is gonna beg you to please stay or something it's so funny..

  6. How you work in a shop is beyond me, I couldn't hack it anymore!! Think I just need to not be around people!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. Yup, completely agree with all of these - especially the angry customers! Some people just can't be satisfied!

    Emma |

  8. Haha yeah I think this always happens to us! I get it a lot in London when people don't move out of the way.. I used to work in hospo and people would drive me mad! Love this x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  9. Oh gosh, cities are the worst for that sort of thing! x

  10. They most certainly can not! At least some people are nice :) x

  11. I used to work in a fast food place, so the shop is usually like heaven in comparison! haha :) x

  12. I'm glad you like it :) Ha, I know, like you can persuade someone to stay by magically making a product appear?! x


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