Wednesday, 29 October 2014

It's What I Go To School For...

I know my last post was a round-up/taking stock kind of post, but as I'm currently super busy, I thought I would give you another catch up with me. Otherwise it'll probably be no new post for another week or so, and we wouldn't want that! 

A good book day.
So, why am I super busy? Well, I am currently working on the legacy team for Bath's Digital Festival. If you can't read between the lines, the Bath Digital Festival is a ten day festival about all things digital. If you're into coding, want to know how to create better content, or interested in how digital can be used for good (and evil!) then the festival really has something for you. Plus, their mascot is a robot, so who doesn't love that? As part of the legacy team, my role is attending events and then writing articles or press releases for them, which is not what I expected, but good all the same. 

I spent all of Tuesday morning in Bath covering some events, and then hopped on a train to Exeter to meet up with Leona! We had the *most* romantic meal you could ever imagine, and then headed to the cinema for a screen date with McBusted. Gosh darn it, we just love those guys. 

Other stuff of interest:
- I'm finally reading the final book in my Goodreads challenge, but so far I hate it. YAY.
- I'm expecting a delivery from Bimuno Prebiotics to help boost my crappy immune system.
- I received an awesome parcel from Danniella which just totally justified how freakin' awesome she is. Be jealous that she likes me more than you *smug face*
- I finally got my hands on the Tracey Emin Books Are My Bag bag. HAPPY DAYS.

Chelsea xo


  1. Yayyyy for me. Hope you liked it.. was so worried you wouldn't!

    Dannie x

  2. I couldn't believe how lovely you are to send me that! You utter babe xxx


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