Wednesday, 8 October 2014

1001 in 101 Days #6

Is it really time for my sixth update?! Crackers. My little bucket list is over a year old now, and I can't really say I've made hugely impressive progress. I have made some progress though, so let's have a look at what I've ticked off lately... 

020. Make a playlist of 'our' songs - in progress
Well, this is very much in progress, as I've only just started it. I've got about eight songs though, which is good going if you ask me. 

024. Finish the second year of my foundation degree and upgrade to a real degree! - completed!
Yeah, boiiiiii! You so know I'm in my third year (and in high demand, if my tutor is to be believed!) so expect me to drop off the face of the blogging planet as soon as my deadlines start rolling in. 

063. Go to a festival each year - in progress
For our second year, we went to Festival No.6 again! And what a weekend it was. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you all about it again, but we've got our fingers crossed for next year too! 

065. Join the local library - completed!
Hurrah for libraries! I actually found out that I've joined every library in the county, so big thumbs up for me there. Do I get an extra point? Or extra cake? Cake would be better. I'm going to get some cake. 

078. Read 20 books a year - in progress
I'm on 19 books for this year, so I'm pretty confident I'll be able to read this target. A lot of my set texts for this year are actual novels, so I'm going to be super cheeky and include them. 

083. Buy a decent camera - completed!
I did it! I have a decent camera! Now, all I need to do is learn how to use it... 

Do you have a bucket list? I'd love to know what you've crossed off lately!

Chelsea xo


  1. You've reminded me I need to sign up to my local library now I've moved!


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Yay for 24! You'll ace the third year I'm sure :-)
    And for 65, did they mention that as well as the whole of Somerset, you can even use your card in South Glos, North Somerset, Bristol and Bath & North East Somerset? I think it's pretty cool cos you can borrow and return from over 100 libraries, getting a book out from say Portishead and then returning it somewhere random like Nether Stowey or somewhere. I'm probably biased but I do think down here in the South West we have one of the best library services in the country. Ooh plus, if you want to reserve books online, I can let you know a little trick to get them slightly cheaper than the normal price ;-) xx

  3. Oh really? I'd love to know your little trick! :) I think it's really great. At first I was a bit sad about the lack of books in my local, but like you said, having the use of over 100 libraries can only be a good thing! Plus it means I can travel a bit more and seek out a new favourite library :) xx


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