Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I've been hopelessly reaching quite a busy girl. With September being a super busy month for our family - immediate and extended - August had no choice but to be proactive and downright hectic. I set myself a couple of goals, and I think I achieved most of them quite easily. Let's have a gander, and see what I have in store for September as well! 

Absolutely no reference to the content, but ain't they pretty?
Do something fun on our anniversary 
We celebrated our anniversary a few days early, but I'm glad to say we still had fun. We went out for a meal, and just had a really nice time. As Joe's a dessert chef, a rarely get to see him apart from his two days off, and during the summer I've have some extra shifts booked in at work on those days. This meant our one evening of freedom was spent chatting and laughing and just not caring about work the next day. I'm hoping that next year we might be able to have a night away, but don't hold me to that...

Book shifts for the end of the month
Yeah, I did quite a lot of extra shifts. I hoped that the extra cash would help towards festival spending money, but for some reason our cut-off date at work was 9th August, so I won't see the benefit until the end of this month! Which is typical, as I'll be (hopefully) drowning in my excessive student loan money by then. 

Visit Bath and my uni friends
Yep, it was a friend's birthday so I took Dylan out for the day and it was so lovely. We had lunch together and then sat by the Royal Crescent for a bit while Dylan was hulk-smashing everything.

Buy a tent
Did this basically the day after my post went live! Thank you, Go Outdoors sale!  

Read more books
I did read, but I guess 'more' is a bit subjective. I would have liked to have read more than 4 books but Netflix became too addictive again. If it's not one distraction, it's another. I did join the library though, so that's quite good. You might have seen me complaining about the library a bit on twitter, but I've realised that as I travel quite a bit, I can reach more libraries, ergo more books, and therefore can't really complain. Free reading material is nothing to complain about! 

My goals for this month are quite simple. Enjoy Festival No.6 and Bake Dylan an awesome birthday cake! Smaller goals include getting to know my camera better (did I mention I have a new camera? It's pretty great), and spend more time with family. Should be doable! 

Did you achieve all your goals for August? Or are you hoping to knuckle down for September?

Chelsea xo


  1. I KNEW Dylan and I had stuff in common!
    Also big tens for the Go Outdoors sale :o)
    M x

  2. The Go Outdoors sale was my saviour! x

  3. Cant say I achieved anything all summer, so I am envious you managed all this. Oh well, there is always September!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I was definitely on a mission for the whole of August! You can rock September, I'm sure! :) x


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