Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Taking Time to Slow Down

Although I feel like I have been blogging fairly consistently on here recently, I wanted to just jot down a little post to catch up with everything. I started my blog to ensure I would remember the little things, so a catch-up post feels more than necessary for me. 

You may have noticed that I gave my layout a little redesign. There's been a few niggling problems - I accidentally deleted the Disqus comments, for a start! - but I think I did an alright job. I wanted to change my coral colour to a nice teal/green shade, and overall I'm happy with how it looks now. I still need to create a new blog button, and maybe jazz up my about me page, but it is shaping up well. 

Another venture I have recently turned my hand to, is creating content for a festival website. It's quite fun, and I get to babble on for 300 or so words, which is always a bonus for me. Also, it's another thing I can add to my never-ending work experience section on my CV, so that is pretty good. I always feel extra thankful when people suggest me for these jobs, as I often worry that my location and stretched lifestyle might put off potential offers. It's a silly thought (I hope) but one I have nonetheless. 
we bought a tent - Strawberry & Mango fruit tea cakes - RISKy business - best. drink. ever.
Primarily, August has been a month of intense tidying up for Joe and I. We moved in to the house on 30th June, and then found out we would be getting a formal inspection of the house from the landlord at the end of this month. This meant we had to fire up all cylinders and get every last box unpacked and ensure everything found a rightful place. Which is tricky, when you have an energetic toddler wanting to play or run about, and no one to help with babysitting. I think we'll manage though, there's a few more days to keep on top of everything, and then after that we can go back to our usual slobtastic life! I jest, a bit... 

I know everyone, myself included, harps on about how quickly time is flying by this year, but I'm finding it so hard to believe we celebrated our anniversary at the start of this month. It feels like forever ago already, but I guess time really does fly when you're having fun/working hard. 

Other trivial updates include: cutting my fringe, playing RISK for the first time (and coming second, booya!), baking Strawberry and Mango fruit tea cupcakes, finished reading Mr Penumbra's 24-hr Bookstore and breaking the handle off of the fridge... 

What have you been up to recently? I'll pop the kettle on, and let's catch up!

Chelsea xo


  1. I need that cupcake recipe it sounds amaaaaaaaazing. This month I have done nothing but hate life so nothing new for me haha.
    Hope you're all really well
    Kloe xx

  2. Urgh house inspections are always the worse - especially in my uni days, they were so picky! Ditto the love for the cupcakes, those sound delicious!

  3. Yay for writing about festivals! That's very cool.
    If you could come and tidy my flat, that would be GREAT!

  4. My house still isn't tidy, so I may need to take a rain check on that! xxx

  5. I've never had a house inspection before, I feel like I've lived a sheltered life haha

  6. I didn't even think to blog it, I may have to do it soon! :) xx

  7. How on earth did you manage to break the handle off the fridge?? Sounds like you're having fun, though!

  8. I'm blaming the fact that it's an old fridge... but basically my macho strength was unleashed when I realised we had chocolate pudding in there!


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