Monday, 11 August 2014

On Reading and Listening

In my updated 101 in 1001 Days list, one of my goals is to buy Dylan a selection of my favourite children's stories. He's already got a few of the classics - Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit - but there are so many amazing stories out there for little readers like him. He has one Janet and Allan Ahlberg story, Peepo!, and I can't wait to get him a The Jolly Postman book or two. 

Allan Ahlberg is from Sunderland, something I obviously didn't know growing up, but now it makes me wonder if this is why I loved his stories so much. We had a lot of Ahlberg books, including Funny Bones, which I completely forgot was by them,  and they do really remind me of reading with my dad and hearing him use all these wacky voices as new characters were introduced. 

Yesterday's light reading...
I've mentioned before that I would like to work in children's publishing. It is fun, and colourful, and children's literary festivals just look like a whole load of madness. I loved World Book Day as a child, and getting to dress up as my favourite literary characters, and I loved getting the National Book tokens and rushing to WH Smiths after school to pick up a new read. These days, I find myself drawn to Young Adult novels, a few of which I have reviewed, and I think this could be an area of publishing I could happily dip my fingers into. 

I've sort of blabbed on for three paragraphs before even getting to the true inspiration for this post. Last night, I told Dylan we could read a book in bed. He picked out Zog, and decided that actually he wanted to read it to me. For reasons only known to him, he started off three pages in, and interrupted himself a few times to explain to me that Zog was a roaring kind of dragon. Near the end, you are introduced to some actual people in the story (look at me, trying to not ruin a children's book!) and Dylan pointed to them and said, "look, it's mammy and daddy!" Mammy, turned out to be the knight in shining armour, and daddy was the nobel steed. I'm not sure if this was meant to be insulting, or a metaphor for our relationship, but it still makes me so happy that Dylan is the kind of child who doesn't believe princesses are for girlies and only men can be the traditional hero. With all the things I sometimes feel like I am failing at with parenthood, it's something as simple as this that tells me I'm actually doing a pretty good job.  

Do you have any childhood favourites? Are you a 'pink is for girls' kinda person? 

Chelsea xo


  1. I loved Beatrix Potter books and Winnie the Pooh around Dylan's age. I went onto all of Enid Blyton's books--the Faraway Tree!!--and any horse-y books I could get my hands on. Basically, I'd read anything I could get my hands on! Oh! Mrs Pepperpot! She was ace :)

  2. I was a big reader of Enid Blyton and Beatrix Potter, I didn't really get the fascination with Winnie the Pooh - that whole thing passed me by. We never really know what books to buy our nephews (they are 5/7) but we always love adding to their dinosaur book collection, they can't get enough of sciencey dinosaur books that for sure.

  3. THE JOLLY FUCKING POSTMAN (the title changes when you become an adult) WAS MY FAVOURITE!! The Christmas edition, oh, the Christmas edition.

    Dylan is a babe. Xx

  4. I loved reading The Worst Witch stories when I was younger. We had lots of Beatrix Potter, Mr Men and Little Miss and Enid Blyton in the house growing up too! x

  5. i'm with Leona, i always wanted the jolly postman book, it was my fav book in primary. trying to think of others... but that's the one i remember. oh and twits! I wasn't a big reader haha
    you would be perfect in the world of publishing i can just picture it!!!! make this happen xxx

  6. I was like that, just reading anything I could get my hands on! :) Gotta love Enid Blyton!

  7. Yep, dinosaurs are definitely the way forward! Dylan's really into dinosaurs at the moment so I've been driving myself crazy over buying dino-biscuit cutters.

  8. I love TJFP too much, I'd be scared that Dylan would lose all the letters and get TJFP fired! Maybe when he's... 10? 20? I dunno xx

  9. My little brother had the most awesome 3D Mr Tickle book, I'd love to find another one! I was so excited when I read The Worst Witch and found out they were making a TV series haha x

  10. The Twits was so scary though! The Jolly Postman is were it's at, I think haha who didn't love that guy?! xxx


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