Monday, 18 August 2014

Back to uni with Personal Planner!

If you've followed my blog for a while, you might know that this September I will start my third and final year at university. It's fair to say that I have pretty much sailed through my previous two years, and because of this I have always been just shy of my ideal grade. Silly me, ey? Anyhoo, to combat this, I'm going to become super crazy organised and basically work my socks off. It sounded like fate when the folks from Personal Planner contacted me about creating my own little planner. 

Uni/Life Planner - Personal Planner*
The great thing about these organisers from Personal Planner is that you can really go into detail with what you want on there. I was given an endless amount of designs to pick for my front cover (and I went for stripes - how exciting!) and you can even pick the colour of the elastic tie. Naturally, I opted to match my throw, I mean, who wouldn't? You can also decide how you'd like the innards of your organiser to look, I went for the standard uni year, which is Sept-Sept, but you could pick any start date, which is something I find great. You don't really want to buy a planner only to realise the first five months have already been and gone!

Not entirely sure what happened to the colouring of this pic, it was taken like three seconds after the first one...
I was able to decide how the pages were laid out, as well as picking the little orange boxes along the bottom as well. If I remember correctly, I was also given the option to make them orange! I went for a "To Do This Week" box, to help with any deadlines or hand in dates, and an "Idea of the Week" to give me space for motivating myself. On the other page, there's just some random lines incase I need to jot down a number or anything, and a handy little monthly calendar too. Obviously, I picked out a fun week to photograph and show you - the fun thing being that we're seeing The National at the O2 Arena/dome thing! That was my anniversary gift to Joe, if any of you have been pondering about that. 

I really would recommend Personal Planner to anyone looking for an organiser. There are so many great features I didn't know how to photograph properly, such as the little see-through pocket, for putting in random scraps of paper (which I usually just chuck in my bag and forget about), and there's also the option to put in around 50 pages at the back for lined or plain paper. This is great for me, as I might need to write down descriptions for things, or even sketch out a book cover design - although god forbid they put me through that again for another year! #uniwoes 

Amazingly, Personal Planner gave me the opportunity to hold a giveaway for one lucky person to win and design their own planner! You could basically copy my whole design, or get creative and add whatever you fancy to it. 50 pages of graph paper? Sure, why the hell not! All you have to do is follow the instructions below and I'll announce the winner on Monday 1st September - so that's two weeks! Good luck!

Chelsea xo


  1. Mate this is ideal! I'm like the worst uni planner eeeeeever. God help me with my final year project! Haha

  2. I do love a good diary, and being able to lay it out just the way I want it would be fantastic! I would probably go back to the Coronation. I reckon the atmosphere in London would have been amazing and I would love to have gone to a street party!

  3. The day princess diana had William such an amazing person would have loved to see her beaming.

  4. I would like to go back and do prom over and over again. It was a perfect night! I would love one of these planners for my first year of uni! Perfect accessory and I could actually do with the 50 pieces of graph paper. Maths for science and engineering is not looking out to be a fun module :P

  5. I would love to go back in time & attend one of Robbie Williams concerts in the 90's

  6. I love the clothes and music from the 1960's so I think I would like to go back in time and see the Beatles play live. I have got one of these planners and I love them!! I went for a green cover with pink spots.....can't misplace it with colours that bright :)!!

  7. To go to a Duran Duran concert many years ago

  8. I'd go back and attend my year 11 prom!

  9. It would certainly be something to do with Henry VIII - I have a bot of a crush!! Maybe I'd pop back to the day he met Jane Seymour and introduce myself instead!!


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