Saturday, 5 July 2014

Larger Than Life

Hello everyone! Hope you've all enjoyed the peace and quiet from not having me blog recently. I wish I could say I'd been busy relaxing, but instead we moved home (as I'm sure you're all totally aware of by now) and I haven't had a second to myself. Oh hang on, that's a bit of a lie...

You see, as Joe only has two days off a week, he cleverly decided to pick the Day Of The Move and the day after that. This meant once we had moved all the big and heavy boxes, Joe ended up going back to work, leaving me with all the light boxes to move. Except I can't really move things as we don't have any storage space at the moment. Which means I have no wardrobe to put our clothes, no bookshelves for books or DVDs, no bathroom cabinates to put all the shower gels and whatnot. Those hideous built-in panel units we had in the old house aren't looking so unappealing right now.

So, basically, I just read a 500+ page book instead. I'm so productive! As I type this, I am waiting for an electricitan to come and give us TV as we've had no signal - which in turn meant I've watched Bolt more times than I'd care to admit in the last four days - so that will be nice. Still, I'd much rather go without TV than deal with three weeks of no internet (which is why I'm posting this on a sneaky future visit to Joe's parents). 

But I can't complain really. I've got the move that I've wanted for so long, and now we just wait and watch over the coming months as we buy shelves and side-tables and really make this house feel like home! 

What have you been up to recently? Any unpacking tips? 


  1. Awww! I have no unpacking tips apart from to escape by offering to make tea at every opportunity possible. Hope you get it all sorted soon x

  2. Yep, I agree with Rhiannon - tea and biscuits make the unpacking process a little bit easier! :-) xx

  3. This is the best tip Rhiannon, haha! :) x

  4. Definitely! I even bought some of those animal shaped chocolate covered biscuit as a moving treat haha xx

  5. Eeek, take care with your move Rachael, take your time if you can! I'm terrible, I started marking out all the boxes which room they belonged in and stuff but I must have stopped half way through and now I have no idea where most of my belongings are!

    Hope your move goes well, two living rooms sounds ideal!

  6. Thanks Sarah, we're getting there! x

  7. Aaah sod it, stick Bolt on again and make a fort out of all the boxes.
    Happy happy new home
    M x

  8. Bolt is the new Frozen, riiiight? Hope you're getting there with your move, exciting stuff! x


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