Friday, 1 August 2014

August Already?

Yup, it's one of those posts. Like people the world over, I too am surprised that we're coming into the eighth month of 2014. I wonder why people get so surprised that a new month is here once again, does time really go by faster as you get older? Or are we all just having too much fun to notice the date? Who knows, not this girl anyways! I wanted to do another 'my plans for this month' kind of post, as they're quite nice to look back on for me. 

I only set myself two things for July, due to just moving and all, and those were 'more shifts' and 'spend more time with Dylan'. Sadly, I didn't manage to get in any more shifts, which is kind of good and bad. Good, as I needed to spend time sorting through boxes and boxes of stuff, and bad as well, shifts = money. The lack of shifts did mean that I could spend extra time with Dylan, so yay for that. Instead of goals for this month, I'mma just tell you my plans. They're kind of goals, in a 'get out the house and do something' kind of way. 

Yeah, I tried making my own quote pic. Sorry about that...
Do something fun on our anniversary!
I've already picked out a present for Joe - and I've been teasing him with it ever since - so I'm hoping he's remembered to book the day off work and we can do something fun. We'll have Dylan during the day, of course, but that doesn't mean we can't hop in the car and explore! As we have an uncle coming round to look after the chappy in the evening, I'm hoping we can take advantage of some well deserved time alone. 

Book shifts for the end of the month
I was expecting to have family visit at the end of the month, but that isn't happening now. Instead of wallowing in pity, I'm going to try and take on some shifts. Joe's family (minus one babysitting uncle) have gone away for a few weeks in the middle, so I'm going to make sure I book them in for some babysitting shifts once they're home. Take that, suckers! 

Visit Bath and my uni friends
I'm hoping to take Dylan on a train trip to Bath as the girls love seeing him. I also want to hit up the new Primark store, but we'll see if that happens once I have a excited toddler with me. 

Buy a tent for Festival No.6!
Pretty self-explanatory, we're going to a festival in the first weekend of September, so realistically we need to buy a tent before then. This is so Joe (and I, I guess) can practice putting it up. I think Joe's brother also wants to borrow a tent from us, as he's going to a festival in August so we might have to buy this sooner rather than later!

Read more books!
August is my last full month before university starts up again for my final year. I'm predicting that my reading-for-fun time will diminish quite quickly once the workload and deadlines begin, so I want to finish at least three books. I'm not making much progress in my current book, so I think I just need to turn off Kim Kardashian Hollywood and get my book out instead! Seriously though, is anyone else addicted to this game? I don't even watch the Kardashians. 

So that's my plans for the month ahead, hopefully they're all little things I can build up and complete -  I don't want another month of half-ticked lists or what have you. If you've seen any tent bargains lately, make sure you let me know! 

Chelsea xo


  1. I was thinking the other day how time seems to go faster as an adult, even more so with working from home. It's like hold on, slow down a little. August means autumns around the corner and i'm not really ready for that yet haha!

    Love your goals for the month though, especially the book one. In the last week i've finally refound my love for reading which has been absent of late, nice to finally loose an one or so in a good book.

    Good luck finding a tent!

  2. giiiiirl, this all sounds so exciting!

  3. Yeah I bet you've got a present for Joe.. HEHEHEHE.

    I can't believe you've succumbed to the KK game as well, I'm losing everyone to it!

    Danniella x

  4. As much as I hate wishing the year away, I can't wait for autumn to come around (is it bad that I'm glad you didn't call it 'fall'?) as it means my birthday is here!

    I love the escapism reading brings - which might be why my current book is so difficult to read, I definitely wouldn't want to be in the narrators shoes...

  5. I know, right?! I've already got my tent!


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