Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Movin' On Up

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I've been looking for somewhere new to rent. After nearly two years in this house, I am so excited to see the back of this place! I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that we hear some good news soon about our application, but until then I thought I would show you a few things I've got stored on my homeware wish list! 

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After pinning ladder-style bookcases on pinterest, I decided to have a look and see what I could find for the house. We don't currently own any bookcases, but we have a crazy amount of books so I definitely want to get one. The one pictured is a bamboo wood, but I'd probably want a white or dark coloured one, depending on what room we would have it in. Our bedroom furniture is dark, whereas I'd like white for the living room. This one is from amazon, but there are so many out there to choose from! 

I love browsing the H&M home section, and was pleasantly surprised to come across a copper range. I love the rosy colour, and this picture frame is top of my list for things to buy. We don't really have a lot of pictures on display, but I really want the next place we live to have a proper homely feel to it. I also love the glass vase, which has the milky white inside. I think this would look quite attractive with some super colourful blooms poking out of the top. The third H&M item on my wish list is this patterned glass jug. It's quite bloggy to have flowers in jugs and the like, and this patterned one just looks a bit special. I've got all three of these things - and a whole load of dresses - saved in my online basket, but H&M delivery waiting times always put me off so I might try and get to a store which a home section instead. 

Lastly, I found this oval jewellery tray on the Next website. Is it just me who finds their slideshow style website annoying? Why can't they just list their products like a normal shop?! Anyhoo, that's neither here nor there. We live near a big Next so I'm looking forward to browsing around and seeing what other home bits I can find. I think a tray like this would look lovely on a bedside table or dresser, with my pretty Marc Jacobs fragrances on them. Maybe a candle? Or jewellery, like Next intended... Who knows? The possibilities are endless! 

I thought five items might be enough for this wish list, as of course, we haven't actually got the house yet and I'll be too depressed if I've fallen in love with a million items and no where to put them! Have you seen any nice bits recently? What do you think of my choices? 

Chelsea xo


  1. You also need the awesome milk jug from Rosie's new kitchen! DO IT.
    Cute bits though, ladder bookcases are lushness.
    Fingers and toes crossed for the new place.
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Good luck with your application - fingers crossed you get your new place! We need a load of new bookcases, they've been taken over by our vinyl rather than books lately!

  3. The ladder bookshelf is awesome, I want one now!


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. I wandered into H&M's home department the other month and was amazed at all the great stuff they had. Also, totally with you on the annoying Next website.

  5. That jug is so amazing, I need it in my liiiiife! :) x

  6. Thank you, I'm trying not to feel too excited! Good thing there's no such thing as too much vinyl!

  7. Isn't it great? I love the look of them xx

  8. It really annoys me, surely they realise how awkward it is?!


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