Monday, 9 June 2014

Just another Mathy Monday

I've seen this sort of post on Michelle's bloggy blog, and felt like I might borrow the idea. You know, until she wants to do it again. Michelle's nice like that. If I've not lost you already to the mention of maths in the title, basically, I'm going to do some crazy algebra-style equations to sum up my day. Sounds nifty, right? I don't often write out numbers under ten - thanks, Guardian style guide - so this has been a nice post for me to jot down.

4 trains + 2 hour chats discussing projects, books and Moshi Monsters = typical afternoon in Bath
2 letters to post + 1 energetic toddler + 4 falling-overs = an eventful trip
1 flat white + 1 latte + 1 macchiato = a coffee-fueled Chelsea
1 Boots voucher to use up + 1 amazing nail varnish = pretty fingernails, until the inevitable smudge
2 hours on the train + 15 minutes waiting outside a coffee shop in the sun = 1 finished book
1 set of new pillow cases + 1 toddler needing attention = 10 minutes jumping on the bed

So, that's my day so far! Joe's got the day off work so he's been busy making pizza dough which is super, super exciting! (Let's all ignore the fact I was going to start eating healthily today, please) 
How has your day been? 

Chelsea xo


  1. It was fantastic to meet you on Saturday, Chelsea! Let's do it again soon! And Dylan is v.v.v.cute! But you knew that already :)

  2. I sure did :) would love to do it again! Maybe somewhere in our end of the South West instead though, haha x


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