Monday, 12 May 2014

What I Did Today #1

Today, I dedicated the time to myself to finish my Irish History work. Which kind of meant I didn't allocate myself any time to leave the house. Which is annoying, seeing as today's prompt was all about the walk to work. So, before I ramble on let's have a look at what I did instead...

Isn't that Q the most wonderful capital letter you ever did see? I might marry it.
Found on pinterest whilst looking for newsletter inspiration.

 designed and completed a newsletter
ate two scones and two bacon-on-crumpets
drank five cups of tea
watched Oliver & Company
tried a new BB cream that turned my face orange
attempted to drink one glass of water with a slice of lime (it went fuzzy)
watched Saved! on Netflix
organised a dinner party for tomorrow night
organised a lunch date for tomorrow.. erm, lunch time
 was forced to watch Cars for the hundredth time
tried to work on my Irish History work and ended up losing 300 words

Wow, I'm kind of impressed with how unproductive I can be. Surely, that takes mad skillz, yo? I'm definitely going to regret this non-work day, as I'm rather busy tomorrow and my deadline is on Friday. Won't it be nice when I never have to mention my deadline again? Cor, I can't wait until 3pm rolls around and I'm a free woman! Well, I'll be free after my other deadline, in 16 days. 

What did you do today?

Chelsea xo


  1. Oh no! Losing words is the worst! I lost 500 from a welsh history paper in my final year and cried!

    1. I bet! I've handed it all in now though, so I'm feeling fiiiiiine!

  2. Urgh loosing work is always a bummer. My day was pretty much work driven, although I did manage to run out with my camera and snap some photos of some blossom before a day of thunderstorms rolled in!

    1. That sounds like a nice break for the day! I love thunderstorms :)

  3. Bacon crumpets?! Why have I never done this. Sucks about your work, I feel so sorry for you.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Bacon crumpets are the future! :D xxx


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