Friday, 23 May 2014

Lots of Little Things

I'm still alive, yay! My last post was on Saturday, which I guess isn't so long ago but I've really dropped off the scene recently. You're all totally aware of my Important Uni Deadline and I managed to hand my work in, woo! Sadly, I still have another deadline (which I totally forgot about, to be honest) and I'm hoping to hand that in a day early on Wednesday. Not because I'm finished or anything, but because the deadline is 9.30am on Thursday and I would have to get a train at 7am to be there for it. Not gunna happen. 

As I'm typing this during my designated break time, I thought I would try and write a little bit on all of the #BEDM prompts I have missed. Genius, right? On Sunday, the prompt was Museum Day - which I definitely didn't know was a thing - and as I was at work, I didn't manage to actually visit a museum. I really like museums, and I think they're great asset to our country. My first memory of visiting a museum was the Captain Cook Museum in Middlesbrough on a school trip in year two. I was eight years old and told my dad that I wanted to become a famous explorer like Captain Cook. Ever the optimist, my dad then turned around and said "what, and murder the natives in whatever country you land in?" THANKS DAD! 

Monday's prompt is 'the best thing about being an adult', which I would have probably avoided answering. I always feel weird with things like this as although I am very much an adult, people my age have totally different experiences to me. I'm twenty-two and I have a husband and a toddler. I don't have the freedom of most adults - the boys would definitely worry if I just packed my bags and went somewhere on a whim - and I can't spend all my money on clothes and shoes. The soppy answer to this question, is that the best thing about being an adult is my family, the love we have for each other, and the realisation that I'll never be completely alone ever again. But in all honesty, the best thing about being an adult is that I can bake cake whenever I want and eat it for breakfast. Such a fatty.

'Being adventurous' and 'workspace' aren't really things I can fit into this post, and I don't really have a workspace anyways. Unless you call resting my laptop on my knees while I sit cross-legged in the middle of the couch a workspace. Most people don't, but I won't judge. The next prompt, 'out of the comfort zone' sounds like a fun thing to do, but I'd rather give that it's own post. I might do that if I don't fancy one of the other prompts later on. 

Today's prompt is date night. Sadly, we're not going on a date night tonight, and we haven't been on one recently. We did, however, go to Porlock last week, and then took a trip to Dunster Castle. We went with Dylan and Joe's sister - who lives in Porlock - so overall it was a really fun day out. Sadly, we didn't realise you had to pay extra to get up-close and personal with the actual castle. Hopefully we can visit again soon with a National Trust membership card and view it for free!

Yep, that's Dylan stumbling over. I'm such a great parent.
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool.
SO CUTE. Not the most flattering pic of Joe, though.
So that's me up to date with #BEDM! Give yourself a pat on the back if you managed to make it to the end of this colossal post! Have you had a busy week?

Chelsea xo


  1. Aww! Is your child as clumsy as mine? They are both forever falling over their own feet. Congrats on getting one dead line all handed in! Soon it will be time to relax for you. I have to say the whole adult thing, there are days that I have to remember I am one sometimes. My mum says I'm going to be like Peter Pan... forever... It's been a busy week as I wanted to be out the house as much as possible before the rain came and oh it did! Hopefully there'll be none this half term for BBQ's, yay! x

  2. Dylan is so clumsy! It's quite funny, and I'm 80% sure he gets it from me! Thank you, I can't wait to relax for a bit! I've just rewarded myself with a Just Dance game so I can act like more of a wally! Ah I hope the sun comes out, it's been really horrible and rainy today! Fingers crossed for sunshine x

  3. I seem to have missed that you had a child at all. Where have I been?


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. Really? I always worry that I talk about him too much! Although, when I started uni and had to do an ice-breaker thing, my 'interesting' fact was that I have a long-haired sausage dog, not a child... x

  5. Ah yes, museum day is definitely a thing! Last week was mega busy for us as it was the annual Museums At Night festival. We were featured on BBC 2 last Saturday :) You're right museums are an asset to this country and unfortunately with the massive cuts to heritage and we are all at great risk. Hope you get to enjoy your weekend :) x

  6. oh that's so cool! I think the cuts to heritage and the arts are such a shame, sadly not a lot of people are aware of them if they aren't directly affected :( hope you have a nice weekend too! :) x

  7. That picture of Dylan and Joe is so cute!! I hope uni work isn't stressing you out too much! Xx

  8. Isn't it? Joe hates it though, haha! I finish for the year on Wednesday, I'm so excited xx


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