Saturday, 31 May 2014

Forms, Letters and Returns

An odd title, I'll admit, but that is basically what my afternoon has consisted of. I realised at some point after lunchtime that I still hadn't sent off some evidence for Student Finance, so I started to get the ball rolling for that. Is it me who finds it annoying that they want original versions of things, and then photocopies of others? Why be so awkward, SFE? Why? Anyhoo, after I attempted finding all the crap I needed, I also remembered I needed to return a dress, and send off a letter. Sending letters, I'm so retro! 

After yesterday's mumbo jumbo blog post, I thought I would step away from any deep thoughts in today's post. It's the end of #BEDM and I've managed 20 posts out of 31, which is good going, if you consider all the other distractions I've had this month. I also managed to reach 200 bloglovin' followers, which is just amazing. I can't believe I have 200 people reading my words, and it really fills me with excitement. Blogging has introduced me to some beautiful people who I can gladly call my friends, and it has helped me so much this past year or so. Thanks for joining me, it really means the world! 

Let's celebrate with this awful cake I made!

Have you had a fun Saturday? Any plans for tomorrow or the week ahead?

Chelsea xo


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