Monday, 5 May 2014

Cinco de Mayo!

Hullo there, friends! Hope you've all had a great bank holiday Monday. I sat inside doing a spot of academic editing, which is always a blast. I also took on my creative side and 'designed' a front cover for one of my final hand-ins. I'm using the term designed in it's loosest term, why anyone thought I'd be any good at book cover designing is beyond me! 

Anyways, today is Cinco de May, a Mexican-American celebration to commemorate and celebrate their freedom after the American Civil War. Fancy slice of history there, don't say you didn't learn something new! Cinco de May literally translates as Fifth of May, which is nice after all that May the Fourth crap we had yesterday! 

In true Mexican style, we went all out for tea and had some enchiladas. Yup, that one dish served seven people, would you believe that? I thought the big eaters in the family were going to lose their minds! Luckily, we had a bowl of salad to fill up any space on our plate and plenty of wine - which was sadly out of shot. We had this meal over at Joe's parents, which is always a treat to me. I love sitting around the table and dipping in and out of conversations. If we ever move from this crappy house, I hope we have room for a table, as I really having one! God, that made me sound old, didn't it? 

Tomorrow, I'm going to Cardiff with the lovely Leona to see McBusted! I honestly can't believe the day is nearly here. Do you have any plans for tomorrow? Hope it's not all back-to-work doom and gloom! 

Chelsea xo


  1. I didn't bother with Cinco de Mayo--I have absolutely no connection with Mexico and loathe I watched some Morris Dancers, went to a food festival and topped off the day by eating macarons :) You have reminded me that I haven't made enchiladas for ages...I should get right on that!

    1. Enchiladas are my go-to meal! I like getting fancy with the spices, haha! Oh wow, sounds like you had a great day, very jealous of the food fest!


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