Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Summer Read... Makes Me Feel Fine

If you don't know what song I'm referencing, then I'm afraid you are too white/young/cool for my blog. So, if I haven't alienated you completely, grab a cuppa and let's have a look at the books I'm hoping to tick off my reading list this summer.  

Wonder - R.J Palacio
First on my list is Wonder by R.J Palacio. I have wanted to read this for an absolute age but something or other has got in the way. I've seen positive reviews of this on Becky's and Tori's blogs, (I think it was them, anwyays!) and as I trust their judgement completely, I feel like I will like this book. It might even move me. I hope so, anyways. 

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin
Annoyingly, I already have this book but Joe decided that he wanted to read this first. Even more annoyingly, he has only read about 100 pages as he's so bloody busy with work. We're hoping to go Up North at the end of May so if he takes a week off, he can get a few hundred pages under his belt and soon it will be miiiiiiine... to read. Ahem. I don't really have to explain why I want to read this, do I? The TV show is awesome and I'm a firm believer that the book is always better than it's adaptation. Just one more thing: People ruining the tv show on the basis that these books have been around for a long time (or simply because they're twats) are awful. I don't want you in my life if you think it's okay to ruin something for anyone else. It's spiteful.

On The Road - Jack Kerouac 
For reasons unknown, I haven't read On The Road. It's a modern classic and was recently turned into a film, but I completely missed it. Set in 1950s underground America - but not physically under the ground of America, you understand - On The Road looks at the search for personal freedom, which is something many have associated with America and their American dream. I'm sure this will be quite gritty, with some naughty behaviour thrown in for shockingly good measure, and if you ask me, there isn't a better time than summer for that sort of thing. Now, all I need is someone to get me poolside so I can live in my own personal freedom...

The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden - Jonas Jonasson

Last up on my list is The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson. I read The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared and really enjoyed it, so I'm hoping to enjoy this one too. Apparently this book will be released on paperback tomorrow which is odd, as I was sure I'd seen it in my local Waterstones. As it turns out, I had actually seen another book which is by another Swedish author. I'm not entirely sure if the cover design for that one is supposed to look similar, but it nearly had me fooled, that's for sure. Anyways, I would also like to read this book as I enjoyed THYOMWCOofWaD so I would be interested to see what Jonasson's other books are like.

Phew! Here's hoping I get an abundance of free time to read these. I've been picking up a lot of books recently and ticking them off my to-read list, which is massively satisfying. I've basically got no plans whatsoever for the summer until September so that gives me a lot of free time to just sit about reading. Who needs to go out and adventure when you can stay in and read about somebody else?! 

Have you read any of these books? What are you hoping to read this summer? 

Chelsea xo


  1. I really want to read Wonder, I've also heard lots of good things about it. I've read all the GoT books but I've forgotten some of it because it was years ago. I don't suggest reading the books before watching the show, I get so annoyed when they change things. I also haaaaate people who tweet spoilers. Uggggh!

    Tara x

    1. I think I've heard everybody in the world saying it's much easier to watch first and then read, so you sort of know who's who. I bet the changes are annoying, like! x

  2. I've wanted to read Wonder and One The Road for ages! Looking forward to hearing what you think of them. :) x

    1. I'll have to quickly get round to them, then! x

  3. I really enjoyed The Hundred-Year-Old Man ... too. I need to read more, at the moment I'm not picking up anything! xx


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