Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Here's Looking To You, April

I thought I would post this today, rather than yesterday, so that you didn't think I was going to pull your leg with some witty April Fools. No, sirree, today I'm going to get all deep and dirty with my goals for April. As I said in my last post, I have quite a few deadlines and quite a lot of uni work to do this month, so let's see what made it on to my 'must do' for the month ahead!

Started reading on 17 March. Bad form, Chelsea, bad form.

Super Important Stuff
- write and practise a presentation, due on 11/04
- finalise my stupid portfolio, due on 09/04
- continue working on Visual Design stuff, due after Easter hols

Quite Important Stuff
- when feeling stressed out, take a breather
- try to finish reading We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo
- finish writing my article on Justin Bieber (that got you interested!)

Other Stuff
- drink more water (as always)
- sort out silly, niggly annoying matters
- try out a super awesome Easter bake instead of buying crappy eggs. Or buy an amazing egg. Either or, really

So that's my month ahead! All summed up quite simply in a sentence or two, so hopefully they'll be less daunting and therefore more doable. Is it wrong that I'm looking at the list and thinking the Easter bake should be higher up? I think it might be...

What are your plans for this month? Anything fun, or boring deadlines like me?

Chelsea xo


  1. I feel like April is the worst month for Uni so many deadlines </3
    I really want to try some easter baking I'm considering some hot cross buns but I'll just end up buying a load instead haha.
    Kloe xx

  2. I feel like you missed "be awesome" from your list... I mean we all know that it's a goal you'll achieve but still, it should be on there!x

  3. Urgh I really should drink more water, I have incorporated more orange juice into my life, so I guess that's something .... April is all about house buying for us and getting it all sorted out. Scary and grown up and i'm not feeling grown up enough lol.

  4. Erm... trying to move into my house is the only thing I'm focused on. Good luck with all the things, especially your super important stuff! xx

  5. "- when feeling stressed out, take a breather" Oh gosh, yes. I need to do this more often - take better care of myself. I'm honestly scared to write down the important stuff I need to do, but okay, okay, I need to renew my ID and I need to get a Paypal card. That's what I need to do. I can deal with the bank stuff later but that is PRESSING.


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