Tuesday, 15 April 2014

H is for...


I have always loved to laugh. Just, you know, in general. Despite the fact that I usually sport a frown - chronic bitchface at it's best - when I laugh, I really go for it. Growing up, I had one of those weird laughs that sounds a bit like crying so my family would always get confused. I was just awkward, I guess. I had a few topics in mind for H - homes, Homes Under The Hammer, hammers - but humour won that mini battle.

I've left this as a smaller image as it was taken in a dark theatre and instagrammed.
Plus Steward Lee will hate being on the internet.
I put on my 101 in 1001 list that I wanted to see 5 more comedy acts live. I find it crazy that I've only been to three comedy shows in my entire life. Well, three that I'm aware of, who knows what crazy stuff my parents thought would class as entertainment... My three acts include Mark Watson, Stewart Lee and David O'Doherty. I loved all three of these acts, and I think they show my 'range' of humour, if you will. I don't know if humour has a range, but that's what I'm going with. I consider myself to be a fan of 'clever' humour - darker, more satirical shows - but sometimes you can't beat an Irish man with a keyboard.

I like to think I am a funny girl, I definitely didn't rely on my dashing good looks at school so naturally I had to let my hilariousness shine through. Of course, I wasn't one of those naughty kids who thought they were funny - no, I refused to laugh at them - but the kinda nerdy, making jokes about maths in a mathematical way kind of funny. These days, I stay away from math jokes and just rely on my own witty punning. You've probably noticed it if you follow me on twitter (or if you've ever read anything I've ever posted on this blog) so I hope you think I'm funny too.

As I said a paragraph ago, I want to see more comedy acts live. As I set my own 101 in 1001 rules, I think I can allow myself to re-see people so I definitely want to see Stewart Lee, Mark Watson and DO'D again. I'd like to see Daniel Kitson, Richard Herring and Sarah Millican (I am human, and Northern) and I'm not sure who else, really. I should have probably thought that through a bit better. 

Do you have any suggestions? More importantly, do you think I'm hilarious?

Chelsea xo


  1. Yeah, you're alright.
    I do like a bit of David O'Doherty. I think I fancy him. I think that's because he's funny!
    I saw Bill Bailey who was a bit of a legend, I like my comedy sprinkled with random musical interludes.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I think I fancy him too, don't worry! I've always wanted to see Bill Bailey, he's my favourite feminist! x

  2. Mark Watson's playing Komedia in Bath in October! I think it's the 9th but you might want to check that.
    Going to comedy gigs is what me and the other half do for a date - Komedia and The Rondo Theatre in Bath quite often get some good names plus Frome tends to get some good ones as well. We've also seen a lot of people in Bristol, Weston Super Mare and Yeovil - always worth checking out what's (or who's) on at different places! :-) x


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