Friday, 7 March 2014

Tag - Last Thing I...

When I noticed that the ever delightful Leona had tweeted me, I wasn't too surprised - that girl can't get enough - so when I saw that she had tagged me in her recent blog post, I thought I'd finally give it a go. Shockingly, this was some time in February, so apologies for the delay! 

1. Who did you last talk to? 
Dylan, if he counts. He totally counts, right? I, erm, told him off for trying to kick Monty...

2. What was the last outfit you wore? 
I am currently wearing a stripy dress and some grey thermal tights. Pretty silly really, as today has been lovely and warm and I felt rather silly with my woolies on!

3. What was the last thing you ate? 
A mini egg thing, the speckled ones. I had pulled pork quesadillas for tea, which was super yummy!

4. What was the last thing you drank? 
A brew. I've had so many cups of tea today, I'll never get to sleep!

5. Last sport you played? 
I ran for the train, I'm counting that seeing as it's kind of exercise.

6. Who did you email last? 
My course leader. The less said about this, the better. *angry face*

7. Which one of your friends did you talk last? 
Ellie. She's in the pub with one of our lectures so I'm winding her up. Such a nice friend.

8. What was the last thing you watched on TV? 
I'm watching Sleeping Beauty at the moment, Dylan has decided that it looks better when you sit upside down, but I'm not willing to test that.

9. Last blog you checked? 
Leona's! I mean, I check it like, three times a day or something? Dedication, my friend!

10. Last game you played? 
We played this shockingly bad game when I went out for dinner last week. It's called Him & Her (or something!) and basically the boys have to answer "girly" questions, and the girls answer "manly" question. I'd had a few wines so I was getting a bit mouthy over the blatant sexism.

If you fancy a go at this tag, feel free! Have you heard of this Him & Her game?

Chelsea xo


  1. You're a hoot!
    Loved this, have never heard of the Him and Her game but I suspect it may take part of my soul.
    M x

    1. Why thank you! I would suggest you don't play it, unless you want to get all 'independent woman' on everyone haha xx

  2. I really can't get enough of you. I need you. x


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