Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mothering Sunday Wishlist

The alternative title to this post is 'I drop serious hints about what I want from those lovely, lovely boys in my life'. I mean, a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Last year I wrote a Mother's Day wish list and it resulted in Dylan buying me one of my top picks, hence my genius idea to write a new list! Now Dylan in 2 and a half, I'm hoping he pulls off a three-course meal, homemade chocolates as well as a gift. Spoilt, me?

Dress - Perfume - Bag - Pamper Set - Charm - Shoes
This beautiful dress is from Mango, and just look at that perfect paisley pattern. Oh, and admire my alliteration too! It's such a pretty dress, it really is, but I think I'd need to try it on first as I'm rather lumpy and bumpy but this dress might be better suited to a straight-up-and-down kinda gal. Next up on my hit-list is the limited edition Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine. I'm growing my own little collection, and I'd love to have something as pretty as this joining the rest!

Next up is the Harper Portfolio from Fiorelli. I love Fiorelli bags, and despite some people thinking that I have *too many* bags - like that's a bad thing? - I think I could justify this as a suitable work bag. When I have a fancy profession, obviously, as I doubt it would fit into my work locker at the moment. Joking aside, this really is a thing of beautiful. The tan leather and gold detailing would go with so many things, it seems a shame not to have it in my life already.

The Sanctuary Spa gift set is a bit of a silly suggestion, as we don't have a bath but I've added it for the box alone. Orange is one of my favourite colours, and I'm hoping to eventually have an orange, grey and white colour scheme in our bedroom so this would sit perfectly with my imaginary backdrop. I sort of feel like I need to add a Pandora charm to any wish list. I'm still collecting them, and this little loveheart is the cutest. On the Pandora website I have my another wish list which is over 50 items long, so.. That's good, I guess.

Lastly, we have the new blogger's favourite Clark shoes. Oh, these shoes. Although not 100% practical for British weather, I just cannot deny my love for these brogues. I didn't really like the cut-out trend which has been going on for a few months now, but there is just something about these that I love. Ah, *le sigh*. 

So, that's my Mother's Day wish list for one year. Who knows, maybe in a month's time I'll be showing off whatever lovely thing I received! 

Chelsea xo

*please note: I am not expecting all these things for Mother's Day, I'll be happy to just spend a day with my boys and maybe have a cake or two. 


  1. the perfume is devine. I just bought it. also, why is it called Mothering Sunday and not Mother's Day anymore?

    1. I think it can be called either, really. I just feel all snazzy using the longer name ;)

  2. Having *too many* bags is just not possible! I love the Harper bag!!
    Hope Dylan spoils you with lots of cuddles and kisses (and something from your wishlist too)! xx

  3. I hope they notice your hints! Those shoes are beautiful.You can always rely on Clarks for a sturdy pair of shoes.xx


  4. Ooooh that bag is beautiful. Hope the hints work :-)

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets


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