Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Book Lover's Birthday?

I love gifting. Sometimes, the only thing better than buying something for yourself, is buying something for another. I love wrapping presents, I love buying gift bags and gift tags, I love the suspense waiting for someone to open the gift. Waiting, with baited breath, for them to gasp and say they love it. Now that I've married into a rather large family, it seems like there is always a birthday around the corner. While it may leave me penniless, I do love birthdays and celebrating. I am always chief birthday-cake-baker - it's an official title - and I like to think I am always the best gift-giver, not that we're having a competition. 

Now, you may be aware that I am studying publishing at university. Why am I studying publishing? Well, because I love all things book related. Apart from paper cuts, obviously, ain't nobody got love for that. So when looking for birthday presents, I often turn to books. For 2014, I thought I would mix up the birthday treat and look for bookish presents. You know, quotes and things. 

Pride & Prejudice brass cuff bangle
For some reason, all the women in my life seem to adore Jane Austen, and more importantly, Mr Darcy. Why is this, women in my life? I've actually never read any Austen - shame on me, I know, but I'm more of a Brontë girl - but I'm told that Pride & Prejudice is where it's at. I've chosen this brass cuff bracelet as Joe's sister actually posted about it for her birthday last year, and sadly it was out of stock. It's in stock now, and there's plenty of other awesome quotes to choose from - even from my all-time favourite, Wuthering Heights

Pride & Prejudice print quote
If you're more into wall hangings than arm decoration, this pretty print could be for you. I actually picked this one out with my tutor in mind (in a totally non-creepy way) as she told us a little story about how she wouldn't accept her partner's proposal unless he quoted everyone's favourite Darcy. Or something like that, anyways. It's a very pretty print, so you could give this to any loved one really. 

Sylvia Plath quote
Stepping away from Pride & Prejudice, I found this beautiful Sylvia Plath quote. The poem this has been taken from is so tragic and Plath's words are overwhelmingly genius - everyone should read The Moon And The Yew Tree when you get the chance. Moving to a slightly superficial point, I love that instead of being quite mainstream and choosing some sort of ethereal image, they've gone for a map of the stars. Tis very pretty. 
Semi Colon print
Ah, the semi colon. When used correctly, it can be beautiful. If you know someone who's a bit punctuation mad, then chances are they'd love a print like this. I love that it's slightly off centre and the shade of grey used here. Heck it, I might just buy this for myself! 

Game of Thrones card with badge
When buying presents, you usually give a card as well. I'm not one of those people who 'doesn't believe in giving cards', those people are strange and I don't want to know them. I like cards! I like thinking of a lovely message to put inside - or a hilarious one, you know me - and using my best handwriting. This card is doubly awesome as it is also a badge. I love cards with badges just as much as I love cards with badgers. Badge is a funny word to type out, it kind of stops looking like a word. It's fun when that happens. Other cards include Disney, beards, blogging and Mad Men so it should be easy to find a card for practically everyone.

Jesse Pinkman quote 
Okay, so this is kind of cheating as Breaking Bad isn't a book, but it's brilliant. Most people use Jesse's "Yeah, Mr White!" quote, or Walt's iconic "Say My Name", and this one is hilarious. I love how much detail has gone into the blowfish as well, that's mad skills, yo

So that's my list - would you like to see any of these for your birthday? 

Chelsea xo
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  1. Love all these items - especially the Pride and Prejudice print! :)

  2. Yeah you can buy me that Game Of Thrones card whenever you like... xx

  3. The Game Of Thrones card! I need that haha, I love this post Chelsea! Book gifts are definitely the best!
    Kloe xx

  4. Love some of these ideas! As a massive bookworm I would definitely appreciate a few of those prints. x


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