Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Really Thankful Thursday

Okay, so I don't participate in TT posts very often, this isn't because I am not thankful, it's just that I never give myself the time to sit down and appreciate all the little things. That changed today. Dylan went off to childcare, as he usually does on a Thursday and I sat down to watch Homes Under The Hammer. It's cool, I can be open with you. After a really enjoyable episode, I went to get myself ready for university and my mobile rang. It was childcare. Dylan was hurt. 

I don't want to be one of those mothers who tells you that the world stops when you hear those words, but it kind of does. All just heard snippets of the conversation, like "fell... cut his head... crying". It was quite strange. As Joe was at work, I marched my way over to childcare and picked him up. He wasn't crying, and apparently he had had some toast, but, y'know, just to be safe I took him home. Parents do a lot of things just to be safe and if I'm honest with you, it's quite annoying, but nonetheless, his head was cut so I took him home. 

You'll be glad to know that it wasn't some life threatening injury like I had led myself to believe, and he is now happily watching Tangled. But boy, am I thankful for Dylan. 

July 2012 - those eyes, that face!

Other things I am thankful for include:

Dylan, Joe and Monty being my main men 4 lyf
baking chocolate orange cupcakes
money saved from not getting the train to uni
tutors being nice to me
people having faith in my uni abilities
Joe buying me a new coat
my daddy ringing me today
gnocchi and flatbread

So that's my list for this week, what have you all been thankful for?

Chelsea xo


  1. I'm so glad he was fine and dandy. You wouldnt be quite right if you didn't panic!
    How do you ever do anything like uni and life and stuff when you could just hang around and smoosh his little face? He's delicious!
    M x

    1. He is super delicious but he seems to be aware of it now! x

  2. Poor little man, hope he's okay! Ur such a super mum chels.
    Mwah x


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