Monday, 17 March 2014

101 things in 1001 days #3

Wow, my last update was in November! How bad is that? In all fairness, what with Christmas and all the jazz, I'd completely forgot about this little feature! It's really bad that I'm using Christmas as an excuse in March, isn't it? Moving on, I don't think I've done an awful lot of this since my last update, as I have been swamped with #uniwoes - otherwise known as deadlines - but let's have a look anyways! 

Okay, so I didn't have a relevant image, but this is what my life looks like when doing uni work - yay!

1. Finish my second year of my foundation degree and upgrade to a real degree!
Okay, so this totally hasn't been done seeing as I'm halfway through my second year, but I've been given a form to fill out to apply for the third year so consider this a work in progress.

17. Buy a piece of art for the house
I'm not sure if this counts (hence the italics) but I bought some super cute polaroid instagram pictures and hung them up in a Pinterest worthy fashion. 

46. Do more things with the uni girls
Another work in progress, but we had lunch a week ago. Totally counts.

Wow, that's super unimpressive! I really thought I would have ticked off a few more things in four months, but ah well. Here's to the next update! 

Chelsea xo

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