Monday, 31 March 2014

A Catch-up, Of Sorts.

Completely unrelated, but he's so lovely when he sleeps.
I haven't really wrote a post for the sake of it in a while, and I just wanted to do that today. Spring has sort of snuck up on me and now I've lost an hour in bed each morning and it gets lighter with each train journey back home. Which is nice, I guess, as no one likes getting up and getting home in the dark. Despite being an autumn baby, I have always felt at home in the sunshine - I sometimes worry that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder - so it's nice to know that summer is on it's way and it might be a hot one too! 

The next month or so will see me hopefully get on to the third year of my degree, after putting in a lot of hard work. I've still got deadlines cropping up but the end is somewhat in sight. After completely loving my first year at university, the second year took me by surprise, and I really took on more than I could handle over Christmas. Two jobs; plenty of uni work and deadlines; looking after myself, a toddler, husband and dog all got a bit much at times, but I've made it to now and it really is getting to the last lap of my 2013/14 academic year. Which is quite sad, but I am looking forward to finally having a night out with the uni girls and getting to spend the summer with the boys in my life. 

Another thing I have been dealing with is a potential move. It would be fair to say that I've never been truly happy in the house we currently rent - it doesn't have a bath for a start - so I have always kept my eyes half-looking for another property to rent. Sadly, it seems like all the house prices have shot up recently so that means we will either need to live like paupers or discover some sort of money tree. Any help locating the later will result in some sort of reward. I would love to move closer to Bristol, but that seems unlikely so we may look into moving nearer Joe's workplace - and the more-easily accessible train line - which is exciting. 

So, that's pretty much how things in my bubble have been lately. Have you been up to anything exciting lately? Don't suppose you found a money tree nearby? 

Chelsea xo

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Book Lover's Birthday?

I love gifting. Sometimes, the only thing better than buying something for yourself, is buying something for another. I love wrapping presents, I love buying gift bags and gift tags, I love the suspense waiting for someone to open the gift. Waiting, with baited breath, for them to gasp and say they love it. Now that I've married into a rather large family, it seems like there is always a birthday around the corner. While it may leave me penniless, I do love birthdays and celebrating. I am always chief birthday-cake-baker - it's an official title - and I like to think I am always the best gift-giver, not that we're having a competition. 

Now, you may be aware that I am studying publishing at university. Why am I studying publishing? Well, because I love all things book related. Apart from paper cuts, obviously, ain't nobody got love for that. So when looking for birthday presents, I often turn to books. For 2014, I thought I would mix up the birthday treat and look for bookish presents. You know, quotes and things. 

Pride & Prejudice brass cuff bangle
For some reason, all the women in my life seem to adore Jane Austen, and more importantly, Mr Darcy. Why is this, women in my life? I've actually never read any Austen - shame on me, I know, but I'm more of a Brontë girl - but I'm told that Pride & Prejudice is where it's at. I've chosen this brass cuff bracelet as Joe's sister actually posted about it for her birthday last year, and sadly it was out of stock. It's in stock now, and there's plenty of other awesome quotes to choose from - even from my all-time favourite, Wuthering Heights

Pride & Prejudice print quote
If you're more into wall hangings than arm decoration, this pretty print could be for you. I actually picked this one out with my tutor in mind (in a totally non-creepy way) as she told us a little story about how she wouldn't accept her partner's proposal unless he quoted everyone's favourite Darcy. Or something like that, anyways. It's a very pretty print, so you could give this to any loved one really. 

Sylvia Plath quote
Stepping away from Pride & Prejudice, I found this beautiful Sylvia Plath quote. The poem this has been taken from is so tragic and Plath's words are overwhelmingly genius - everyone should read The Moon And The Yew Tree when you get the chance. Moving to a slightly superficial point, I love that instead of being quite mainstream and choosing some sort of ethereal image, they've gone for a map of the stars. Tis very pretty. 
Semi Colon print
Ah, the semi colon. When used correctly, it can be beautiful. If you know someone who's a bit punctuation mad, then chances are they'd love a print like this. I love that it's slightly off centre and the shade of grey used here. Heck it, I might just buy this for myself! 

Game of Thrones card with badge
When buying presents, you usually give a card as well. I'm not one of those people who 'doesn't believe in giving cards', those people are strange and I don't want to know them. I like cards! I like thinking of a lovely message to put inside - or a hilarious one, you know me - and using my best handwriting. This card is doubly awesome as it is also a badge. I love cards with badges just as much as I love cards with badgers. Badge is a funny word to type out, it kind of stops looking like a word. It's fun when that happens. Other cards include Disney, beards, blogging and Mad Men so it should be easy to find a card for practically everyone.

Jesse Pinkman quote 
Okay, so this is kind of cheating as Breaking Bad isn't a book, but it's brilliant. Most people use Jesse's "Yeah, Mr White!" quote, or Walt's iconic "Say My Name", and this one is hilarious. I love how much detail has gone into the blowfish as well, that's mad skills, yo

So that's my list - would you like to see any of these for your birthday? 

Chelsea xo
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*some links here are affiliate, which makes no difference to you if you click on them, but it might mean that I will become a millionaire in roughly 145 years :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Furry Friend Tag!

Earlier in the week, the ever delightful Leona tagged me in yet another post! That girl is sending off all the right signals, if you catch my drift. No? Just me? Oh, okay. So, this tag is all about the furry friend in my life, Monty! I've wrote about him here, if you'd like a bit of background info on him...

1. What is his/her name?
Wow, I ruined the surprise to this one quickly! His official name is Prince Montague III, but we just call him Monty. He's pretty down to earth like that.

2. When did you get Monty?
I got him three years ago! March 10th 2011, I think. I had newly found out that I was pregnant, and was feeling all sorts of emotions when a family friend asked me if I would like to adopt a dog as their owners couldn't have him anymore. The maternal instincts in me kicked in, and I said yes. Joe and I had always talked about having a dog - a Neapolitan mastiff called Rufus - so ending up Monty seemed quite natural. Even if he is at least 20 times smaller than the dog we imagined we might have!

Not Monty...
3. What is something Monty does that annoys you?
Sometimes he likes to be a guard dog, so he starts barking at people after they enter the house. I know this is just his way of being helpful and loyal, but I'm in pretty serious shit if a murderer or burglar has already entered the house...

4. What type of breed is Monty?
He's a long-haired miniature Dachshund.

5. Has Monty ever had a near death experience?
Well, before we had him he had doggy cancer but he doesn't have that anymore. He's had the all clear, but I worry about that sometimes.

6. Does Monty know any tricks?
He likes to stand on his back paws and stretch up so he can reach your hand for a stroke if your arms are down by your side, which is quite cute.

7. Does Monty love to snuggle?
Hells yeah! Monty lives to snuggle!

8. Where did you get Monty? 
I've already kind of answered this, but we got him via a friend who knew he was going to a good home. It turns out his previous owners were dicks, but he's living like a king and is much happier now :)

9. Does Monty get along with other dogs?
Monty tolerates other dogs. My mam's dog, Louis is.. erm... rather fond of Monty, let's put it that way, so Monty tends to spend most of his time hiding in low down places that Louis can't reach whenever we go to visit. If we're out on a walk and we see a dog, he always runs to my side or scurries off if they get a bit too zealous for him.

10. Does Monty get along with strangers?
Yeah, after he's barked them into the house.

11. How much does Monty weigh?
6kg, ish. I just had to google if that was good or bad and didn't realise I had used his lbs weight and for a moment there it looked like Monty could possibly be super obese haha! He's not though, woo!

12. Do you ever dress Monty up?
No, I think Joe would kill me if I ever did. I did manage to get him a little bow tie for his collar though :)

13. Has Monty ever tried to run away?
He sure has! When we first moved to Somerset, Monty made a few escapes out the back gate as he can squeeze himself through the bars. It's a carnival town, so the fireworks scared him. I also think this was Monty's way of telling me that we need to move back North asap.

14. How did you come up with Monty's name?
It was already his name, how boring is that? I did want to rename him, but couldn't think of anything decent that begins with M. And he's old, so he was probably used to being called Monty.

15. How much does he/she mean to you on a scale of 1-10?
Aw, he's definitely pretty high on the scale! I love that little fluff ball, and he's got me through some tough times. Sometimes only a cuddle or a knowing look/lick can help!

If you've done this tag, or would like to do this tag, I'd love to see it! 
Make sure you link me up in the comments if you do :) 

Chelsea xo

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Live XXL Ultra Brights Review

If you don't follow me on various social media platforms, you may have missed that I dyed my hair pink. I know, I know, I was all about dyeing it grey - and I still am - but I thought I would take a sidestep and tickle my fancy with a dash of pink. Well, I did intend on going Raspberry Rebel, but instead it was very much pink. I used the Live XXL Ultra Brights Raspberry Rebel wash-in dye, and this is how it turned out. 

Live XXL Ultra Brights Raspberry Rebel
Colour on the box - initial colour - after one wash
I won't lie, I was a little disappointed. If I had wanted fuchsia hair, I would have bought fuchsia hair dye, I wanted raspberry hair. But, after posting a pic on instagram, I soon started enjoying having a bright pink bonce. I had expected it to fade quickly, and the pink ended up lasting around six days, which is okay. Once it got to pastel pink it did look very pretty, I felt a bit princessy! 

What wasn't okay? The fact that it has all faded, except from on my roots. On my very dark roots. I now have some sort of pinky/orange tinge going on, and it is not exactly a desired look. I can't see this catching on. I could be wrong, maybe, but I don't think the cool kids will be copying me any day soon. 

Matching my roots to the tiles since 2K14, yo!
I think if I want to go back down pink avenue, I would go with a Directions hair colour, and then maybe one day I might have the hair colour I actually want, for a change. 

Chelsea xo

Monday, 17 March 2014

101 things in 1001 days #3

Wow, my last update was in November! How bad is that? In all fairness, what with Christmas and all the jazz, I'd completely forgot about this little feature! It's really bad that I'm using Christmas as an excuse in March, isn't it? Moving on, I don't think I've done an awful lot of this since my last update, as I have been swamped with #uniwoes - otherwise known as deadlines - but let's have a look anyways! 

Okay, so I didn't have a relevant image, but this is what my life looks like when doing uni work - yay!

1. Finish my second year of my foundation degree and upgrade to a real degree!
Okay, so this totally hasn't been done seeing as I'm halfway through my second year, but I've been given a form to fill out to apply for the third year so consider this a work in progress.

17. Buy a piece of art for the house
I'm not sure if this counts (hence the italics) but I bought some super cute polaroid instagram pictures and hung them up in a Pinterest worthy fashion. 

46. Do more things with the uni girls
Another work in progress, but we had lunch a week ago. Totally counts.

Wow, that's super unimpressive! I really thought I would have ticked off a few more things in four months, but ah well. Here's to the next update! 

Chelsea xo

Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Really Thankful Thursday

Okay, so I don't participate in TT posts very often, this isn't because I am not thankful, it's just that I never give myself the time to sit down and appreciate all the little things. That changed today. Dylan went off to childcare, as he usually does on a Thursday and I sat down to watch Homes Under The Hammer. It's cool, I can be open with you. After a really enjoyable episode, I went to get myself ready for university and my mobile rang. It was childcare. Dylan was hurt. 

I don't want to be one of those mothers who tells you that the world stops when you hear those words, but it kind of does. All just heard snippets of the conversation, like "fell... cut his head... crying". It was quite strange. As Joe was at work, I marched my way over to childcare and picked him up. He wasn't crying, and apparently he had had some toast, but, y'know, just to be safe I took him home. Parents do a lot of things just to be safe and if I'm honest with you, it's quite annoying, but nonetheless, his head was cut so I took him home. 

You'll be glad to know that it wasn't some life threatening injury like I had led myself to believe, and he is now happily watching Tangled. But boy, am I thankful for Dylan. 

July 2012 - those eyes, that face!

Other things I am thankful for include:

Dylan, Joe and Monty being my main men 4 lyf
baking chocolate orange cupcakes
money saved from not getting the train to uni
tutors being nice to me
people having faith in my uni abilities
Joe buying me a new coat
my daddy ringing me today
gnocchi and flatbread

So that's my list for this week, what have you all been thankful for?

Chelsea xo

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mothering Sunday Wishlist

The alternative title to this post is 'I drop serious hints about what I want from those lovely, lovely boys in my life'. I mean, a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Last year I wrote a Mother's Day wish list and it resulted in Dylan buying me one of my top picks, hence my genius idea to write a new list! Now Dylan in 2 and a half, I'm hoping he pulls off a three-course meal, homemade chocolates as well as a gift. Spoilt, me?

Dress - Perfume - Bag - Pamper Set - Charm - Shoes
This beautiful dress is from Mango, and just look at that perfect paisley pattern. Oh, and admire my alliteration too! It's such a pretty dress, it really is, but I think I'd need to try it on first as I'm rather lumpy and bumpy but this dress might be better suited to a straight-up-and-down kinda gal. Next up on my hit-list is the limited edition Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine. I'm growing my own little collection, and I'd love to have something as pretty as this joining the rest!

Next up is the Harper Portfolio from Fiorelli. I love Fiorelli bags, and despite some people thinking that I have *too many* bags - like that's a bad thing? - I think I could justify this as a suitable work bag. When I have a fancy profession, obviously, as I doubt it would fit into my work locker at the moment. Joking aside, this really is a thing of beautiful. The tan leather and gold detailing would go with so many things, it seems a shame not to have it in my life already.

The Sanctuary Spa gift set is a bit of a silly suggestion, as we don't have a bath but I've added it for the box alone. Orange is one of my favourite colours, and I'm hoping to eventually have an orange, grey and white colour scheme in our bedroom so this would sit perfectly with my imaginary backdrop. I sort of feel like I need to add a Pandora charm to any wish list. I'm still collecting them, and this little loveheart is the cutest. On the Pandora website I have my another wish list which is over 50 items long, so.. That's good, I guess.

Lastly, we have the new blogger's favourite Clark shoes. Oh, these shoes. Although not 100% practical for British weather, I just cannot deny my love for these brogues. I didn't really like the cut-out trend which has been going on for a few months now, but there is just something about these that I love. Ah, *le sigh*. 

So, that's my Mother's Day wish list for one year. Who knows, maybe in a month's time I'll be showing off whatever lovely thing I received! 

Chelsea xo

*please note: I am not expecting all these things for Mother's Day, I'll be happy to just spend a day with my boys and maybe have a cake or two. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Tag - Last Thing I...

When I noticed that the ever delightful Leona had tweeted me, I wasn't too surprised - that girl can't get enough - so when I saw that she had tagged me in her recent blog post, I thought I'd finally give it a go. Shockingly, this was some time in February, so apologies for the delay! 

1. Who did you last talk to? 
Dylan, if he counts. He totally counts, right? I, erm, told him off for trying to kick Monty...

2. What was the last outfit you wore? 
I am currently wearing a stripy dress and some grey thermal tights. Pretty silly really, as today has been lovely and warm and I felt rather silly with my woolies on!

3. What was the last thing you ate? 
A mini egg thing, the speckled ones. I had pulled pork quesadillas for tea, which was super yummy!

4. What was the last thing you drank? 
A brew. I've had so many cups of tea today, I'll never get to sleep!

5. Last sport you played? 
I ran for the train, I'm counting that seeing as it's kind of exercise.

6. Who did you email last? 
My course leader. The less said about this, the better. *angry face*

7. Which one of your friends did you talk last? 
Ellie. She's in the pub with one of our lectures so I'm winding her up. Such a nice friend.

8. What was the last thing you watched on TV? 
I'm watching Sleeping Beauty at the moment, Dylan has decided that it looks better when you sit upside down, but I'm not willing to test that.

9. Last blog you checked? 
Leona's! I mean, I check it like, three times a day or something? Dedication, my friend!

10. Last game you played? 
We played this shockingly bad game when I went out for dinner last week. It's called Him & Her (or something!) and basically the boys have to answer "girly" questions, and the girls answer "manly" question. I'd had a few wines so I was getting a bit mouthy over the blatant sexism.

If you fancy a go at this tag, feel free! Have you heard of this Him & Her game?

Chelsea xo

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Here's looking to you, March

Not the most exciting post title, but it does the job. I thought I'd wrote something like this for February, when instead I'd wrote a little condensed version for each month instead. Always cutting corners, what am I like? Anyhoo, never one to back down from a great idea (sure), let's see what awesome stuff I have planned for March!


I love birthdays, I think you all know by now, and March is practically bursting at the seams with birthdays. Both of my parents have March birthdays, and it's also Joe's mam's birthday too! Hopefully my dad will be travelling down to Somerset for his birthday weekend and we'll get to do something fun with him then. We're going for a meal with Joe's mam in the middle of the month but I'm going to surprise her with a cake on her actual birthday. Not that it'll be a surprise, as I'm always the Birthday Cake Baker. Unluckily for my own mam, as we just visited, she's just getting a card in the post. Bad daughter points for me! 

Pancake Day!
Tuesday is pancake day! I'm definitely going to be helping myself to plenty of pancakes, and seeing as Joe is still on his work holiday, he can make me them all day! What a lucky chap.

Deadlines! (Clearly not very awesome)
I actually have a deadline as close as Wednesday and I have quite a lot of work to do. Isn't this always the case? I surprise myself with my bad time-keeping skills, I really do. I'm sure I've got a few more deadlines this month, in the form of presentations and such, but I'm less worried about them. 

Mothering Sunday!
Oh yeah, another time in the year when I get presents, what's not to love? If you just ignore the fact that I'll be at work...

Festival No.6 Headliner Announcement!
Finally, Festival No.6 are announcing their first headliner for this years event! Yay! With Glasto just announcing Dolly Parton and Blondie, I'm wondering if FN6 will go with some golden oldies or announce some young hip thing. I've got my fingers crossed for Wild Beasts, Hot Chip, Prince or Morrissey. Can you imagine?! I'd die. 

So that's pretty much it for this month. Hopefully I won't be too quiet on the blog front, I only posted five times in February, which is pretty rubbish! Have you got anything planned for March? 

Chelsea xo
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