Friday, 14 February 2014

What is Love?!

So, right now you've either got the Haddaway tune or that scene from Friends (for what is life without love?) stuck in your head. I won't apologise, you should thank me. Really, you should. Hopefully you didn't open this post thinking you would get an anti-Valentine's rant, as I'm not going to be going down that route. I like Valentine's day. Sure, it's commercialised but what isn't, these days? It doesn't stop non-religious folk celebrating Christmas or Easter! Plus, it doesn't even need to be an expensive day full of needless tat. This year I've made Joe's card - I can safely say this without spoiling any surprises, it is evidently homemade!! - and I usually just bake him things as a gift. 

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Of course, whatever you're doing today, I hope you have fun! I'm kind of wishing the weekend away as I go up North on Monday - yaaaaaaay! I cannot wait to see my family and friends and with any luck, some snow! It's going to be so nice to escape the floods, leaky roof and stiff doors. I'm planning on taking my LUSH magic wand I bought myself in October (I've only used it once, sob) and bathing practically every day. I really wish we could go up for longer, but despite Joe getting a few weeks holiday from work, I didn't manage to get the time off I needed! Boo, life! But yeah, basically this post is just a heads' up that I might get a tad quiet on this here blog as I go out and do things with my family and chums. If anything, I'm hoping it will give me things to blog about, so that'd be a happy bonus. 

See you on the flip side! 

Chelsea xo


  1. Yep, I now have Haddaway's song stuck in my head!
    I remember buying it on cassette tape for 99p from Woolies and playing it over and over again - jeez, I sound old! :-) x


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