Monday, 10 February 2014

G is for...


Okay, so I think it is a well-established fact that I am a bit of a miserable cow. There, I said. It's not something I'm proud of, obviously, but it is just how I am. Living in a wet and cold country clearly doesn't agree with me as I am at my happiest when the sun is shining and ideally, I'm by a pool. As it's February and it's raining I thought I would tell you about all the things that I am 100% thankful for! Yay for gratitude and not complaining for once!

- Joe & Dylan making me smile, even when I don't want to
- Monty
- my strange extended family
- Winnie the Pooh and his wisdom
- my papa having a house abroad (I will visit soon!)
- having plans
- having great friends
- an undying love for Morrissey - to the point of trying to defend his silly statements
- Dylan's love for Disney
- my love for Disney
- Dylan not giving a shit about gender stereotypes
- my Q&A A Day journal making me think of things I might have forgotten
- happy memories of lost loved ones
- pretty dresses
- my boot collection
- having nice work chums
- having a car to travel home in!
- half term!
- my teddy collection
- Dylan's book collection
- my nail varnish collection
- green, yellow, orange, teal and purple being the best colours
- this song
- having a tattoo I don't regret
- my ticket holder (and matching passport wallet)
- baking
- baking for other people
- I'm quite lucky
- my love for singing and karaoke 
- Red Pandas
- Cows
- toad in the hole
- tapas (even better when Joe makes it!)
- riddler pie
- being close to Bristol
- going to uni in Bath
- marzipan
- frozen blueberries
- ankle wellies

Okay, so I definitely didn't think I'd get 40 things, but I did it! See, I'm not a misery after all! I'd love to know what you're grateful for. Is there something you think I need on my list? 

Chelsea xo


  1. It's so easy to get into a mid-winter slump! That's such a great idea to sit down and list out all the things to be grateful for. It makes the dreary days a little less miserable.
    I love that you have Disney high on list (it's definitely on mine too!)

    1. I thought maybe I should put Disney a bit higher, but I think I got the balance right ;)

  2. It's great to read a list of all the things you re grateful for. I've never made on myself, maybe I should make it a priority :) x

    1. It's a really nice thing to do, I think I need to sit down and write one more often! x

  3. I love that your teddy bear collection made this list! That's so precious!!x

  4. I'm so grateful for my home, and my husband, and the ability to do work that I love (illustrate children's books), aside from that, everything else is icing on the cake! Gratitude is so important, it can totally change the way we look at our lives. X Jane


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