Saturday, 8 February 2014

Explaining the Interruption

I am very hit and miss with blogging. I love reading blogs, and I enjoy writing new posts but I can't, for the life of me, organise myself to always have a constant flow of writing. For which, I apologise. I wouldn't even be typing this now if my train hadn't been cancelled, so at least there's a silver lining to that. 

I've said previously that my ultimate hair dream is to have grey/lilac hair. Now, I'm not sure if you've ever thought about dyeing your hair to extreme lightness from natural darkness, but I have. Often. It really is my dream hair, and I know it's kind of superficial of me to place my happiness on my hair colour, but that's what I'm doing. You can't stop me, etc etc. 

So, I decided I would dye my hair grey. I ummed and arred about the process, saving my pennies to get highlights done a few times by a professional. Then it happened. I went into Boots, saw there was an offer on some hair lightener and like the div that I am, I bought it. Let's have a look and see what happened...

Before - After
Wow, look how totally blonde I am! I've lightened my hair before and was 100% expecting to go orange. I rocked orange, though, so this wasn't a huge worry for me. This colour was a reddish brown, and a bit disappointing. The ends are lighter, and the roots are too. Not a good start. Never one to fall at the first hurdle, I kept going!

After2 - Now (please excuse my face in all of these photos)
I lightened it again, and it went orange - yay! I do really like this colour, and as I said, I think I kind of suit it. The roots and ends are different colours, and this made me unhappy again. Dammit, hair, why won't you just be one shade?! The second photo is after a light blonde dye (not a lightener this time) and a few goes with a toner (hence the slightly gluey/grey roots). 

After using a proper lightener (powder+cream+activator) twice my hair was overall in quite good condition. I mean, it wasn't perfect, but it definitely wasn't straw-like or falling out. After using the final dye - with its claims to nourish the hair, yeah right! - my hair is somewhat poofy, but I think after a conditioning mask it should be okay again. I'm due a haircut anyways, so I'm not too bothered about the state of the ends. Diabolical, right? 

So now my hair is a mixture of goldeny blonde and lighter bits. I really don't know what direction to take my hair next, should I just start trying to tone it with a purple shampoo? Or does it need another lighten? Tell me your thoughts, hair fans! 

Chelsea xo


  1. How do all of these colours suit you? Are you magic? Is it voodoo??
    My lovely step daughter has white blonde hair naturally and she uses some odd silvery enhancer thing that is kind of awesome, do that? A teenager you've never met has done it, that makes it an amazing idea...
    M x

    1. Teenagers are the future, so it makes sense that she's doing something awesome! x

  2. I love your hair cut in the first photo. How on earth can someone pull off all this colours?! They suit you all! I really like how your colour has turned out. I guess it depends if you want to add any colour to it at all as you can go lighter then so they colour stands out more x

    1. Thanks Rhiannon, I think I am going to lighten it a liiiiittle bit more :) x


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