Saturday, 4 January 2014

January Lust List

I used to really enjoy creating wish list-type posts, but I think I was worried I may have overdone them. This is my first wish list in 2014 and despite having a list of things I want, it seemed to make more sense to show you what I need. You probably know that January is a Student Loan Instalment month, so this month's lust list will feature some of the more costly things that I wouldn't usually be able to just go and buy.

A new pushchair for Dylan - Passports for Joe & I  - Sleek Garden of Eden palette
I'll start with the Garden of Eden palette from Sleek Make Up. As soon as I saw this palette on The Sunday Girl's blog, I knew it had to be mine. I've said it thousands of times that I suffer from no-top-lip syndrome, and therefore can't express myself with pretty lipsticks. So naturally, the best thing for me would be eyeshadow, but as a glasses wearer, I often just leave it off as I can't see the point in it. Now that I've bitten the bullet and invested in contacts, I'm hoping to experiment a bit more with eyeshadows. Obviously, I don't see this as an extravagant buy, as it's reasonably priced, but as I don't strictly need it, I just need some sort of excuse.

Next up on my list, is a new pushchair for Dylan. This would be Dylan's third pushchair, after having a HUGE buggy to begin with and then a smaller, more practical pushchair afterwards. Sadly, the practical pushchair is starting to show signs of wear and tear - the wheels need replacing, and the rain guard is ripped to shreds, so a new pushchair it is! This one is currently half price, so I'm leaning towards this. And it's red, which will keep Joe happy - Dylan's current pushchair is a blue colour, which goes against all things holy in Joe's football-related world.

Lastly, I've included new passports for Joe and I. You might think it's a bit cruel of me to not include one for Dylan, but to get Dylan his first ever passport is such a task when your current passport has ran out. So much paperwork is needed, which means this can wait. I'm hoping that if we have passports, then we will be more likely to go abroad. A girl can dream, right?

I think this is a sensible list, and hopefully doable. Of course, I'd love to add all the skirts and dresses I've had bookmarked, but it seems 2014 will be the year of being responsible and money-savvy, rather than spending it like it's going out of fashion...

Chelsea xo


  1. I need to get my passport renews but the overseas cost of doing so is ridiculously expensive!

    1. I'm dreading the thought of it, so I can't imagine what it must be like for you!

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