Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Little Thankful Thursday

I bet if you'd spoke to me yesterday, you would have not expected me to be thankful today! Why? Because not only did I have a ridiculous amount of work to hand in for today, but yesterday I got my grade back for an assignment I completed before Christmas. Let's just say, it wasn't good at all

Wednesday's hot choc and a cracking flat white on Thursday!
Moving on to the thankfulness! After my hand-in, we had a little chat with our lecturer to talk about our next project proposals. I was completely stumped on what I could do - I'm not a fan of not having a brief, I'm so uncreative it's unreal - and needed a bit of inspiration. My lecturer suggested a few things, one of them being children's book illustrations/illustrators. At first, I negatively thought "why does everyone always think I want to do something with children's publishing?!" and then I realised it's because that is my dream. I want to working in children's publishing. I may be wrong, but I think it would be such a fun thing to do. So instead of feeling pigeon-holed, I decided to see it as just a step in the right direction - something that I definitely need!

Let's have a look at a few more things I'm thankful for:
my 'Q&A a day' journal finally arriving
my lovely boys
supportive friends
having indulgent hot drinks as rewards
Tarzan (ooft!)
chatty train-ticket men
being asked to be in an interviewing panel!
being inspired
the lady gaga & xtina collar

I hope you've all had things to be thankful for this week! If you've wrote your own thankful Thursday post then I'd love to see it - spread the cheer! Make sure you check out Lisette and Leona who are both thankful every week!

Chelsea xo


  1. it's great you know what you want to do - i want to know more now! do tell. lovely thankful list x

  2. Why do the hot chocolates I buy never look that impressive?!

  3. I love Thankful Thursdays because if you've had a shitty week you find time to appreciate the little things and it makes a crap week seem not so crap anymore!x


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