Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Thinking About Thinking

I was this on the lovely Freya's blog, and just had to give it a little steal. I'm sure she won't mind. Basically, it's a nice little round-up go what I've been up to and everything else in between. Obviously, if you'd hate to know more about me, I do apologise!

I love this image Joe's brother sent me of Dylan. Too cool, clearly.
Eating - I had enchiladas for tea tonight, which is simply awesome. As well as that, I have been eating rather naughtily and need to stop.
Drinking - lots of tea with honey and lemon! I'm trying to nurse my sore throat back to full fitness, but it's quite the task! Any remedies you have for me, send them this way!
Believing - that I am actually better at my course than I give myself credit for. This doesn't include sketchbook work, mind. I'm absolutely dreadful at that.

Dreaming of - raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. I so want to watch The Sound of Music but I just have no spare time for it! Plus, I want my throat to be better so I can sing along.
Anticipating - can I say Christmas? It's December now, so I think I should be allowed. The other night we discovered we had bought (and wrapped) extra presents for Dylan, which was quite funny. It'll be a surprise for us as well when he opens them!
Wearing - Joe's clothing. Be it t-shirts, or wooly jumpers. Usually both.

Achieving - always having a lip balm with me. My lips tend to be the first things to dry up when the weather changes, but I've remembered to keep them moisturised, yay Chelsea! Now I just need to fix my awfully dry scalp, boo Chelsea!
Watching - a lot of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's definitely my new favourite thing. I love just putting it on as background noise and giggling away to myself while I type out a few articles for uni. Just gotta be careful that I don't type out what I'm hearing!
Enjoying - catching up with the girls from uni. My life is pretty boring at the moment, but there is never a dull moment between the other girls in our little group!

Hiding - my Boots receipts from Joe. Standard.
Feeling - sorry for myself. I am the worst person to get any kind of illness, really. No one ever seems to understand my plight.
Making - a big ol' mess. Whether it's my sketchbook, in the kitchen or just in general. Chaos is forever following me.

Reading - The Gourmet by Muriel Barbery. It was a gift from Ellie for my birthday and I'm really enjoying it. Probably not wise to read it on the train when I've usually skipped breakfast and am absolutely starving, but oh well.
Purchasing - the things for my secret santa partner! I've been a bit tardy and am yet to post it, but I'm hoping I can buy a box or something tomorrow to put it all in. I've always been buying presents for my little brothers, aren't I kind?
Loving - any free time I get with Dylan and Joe. I miss them so much, all the time.

Planning - when I'll ever see my family again. Slightly dramatic, maybe. I haven't been up North since April, which makes me saaaaad.
Obsessing over - I couldn't possibly say.
Adventuring - nowhere, really. Just in my mind.
Working on - my sketchbooks. As always. Still hugely unfinished.

Chelsea xo
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  1. Oooh Enchiladas! <3 I have been craving mexican food for days now. I love the picture of Dylan too! What a cutie, I might have to steal him next time you're up North ;)
    Love the post definitely pinching it to do!
    Kloe xxx

    1. hehe I'll book you a play date in with him in January when I come up!
      Can't wait to read your version :) xxx

    2. Oh that would be so cool! Haha. I haven't seen you in years so a catch up would be cool. :) xxx


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