Monday, 30 December 2013

Solutions for my Resolutions

Like most bloggers, I like making lists. I like writing them down. I like typing them up. I am A-OK with lists. Despite this, I am terrible with actually doing the things on my lists. After realising how little I have ticked off my 101 things in 1001 days list, I thought I would be a biiiit cheeky and sneak a few into my NYR list. I'm hoping that if these things are on multiple lists, I will be more likely to achieve them. Sounds doable, right?

Tiny baby Dylan getting read to bring the new year in. Such responsible parenting!

Seeing as it's New Year's Eve tomorrow, I thought I better get this out into the open before I get caught up in the moment and forget. So, without further ado, in 2014 I would like to...

1 - Renew my passport!
This has to be my most important thing as my old passport photo is hideous and I hate using it for some form of i.d. I know everyone hates their passport photos, but I had mine taken about ten minutes before I went to get my hair cut. This means I have lank, scraggily hair and look like a big fat boy. No jokes.  

2 - Work on lowering my overdraft
I don't want to be forever in the red, and it would be nice to reduce my overdraft by at least £500 this year. I don't have any really plan on how I'll do this, as I don't really want to be working two jobs for the next year as well as uni as that just doesn't work for me, time-wise. Woe.

3 - Have a weekend away with Joe
After how little we have seen each other since we both started working pretty much full-time, I want this more than ever. I know Joe has something planned for February, but I'm not entirely sure on whether it's a weekend or evening away. 

4 - Do something special for my 23rd birthday
23 is my favourite number, so I would really, really like to do something amazing for my birthday. When living at home with my papa, we used to always go on holiday during my birthday - poor me, right? - and if I could do that for my 23rd that would be cracking! Not likely, but a girl can dream.

5 - Move!
I'm sure I say this at every chance I get, but I hate where I live. The house itself is cold and dark, and we recently found out that if it rains too heavily then it floods the kitchen. It has a downstairs shower-room thing, which means no bath. Showering a 2 year old is not fun. The neighbourhood is on the lower end, and we basically have no real reason to stay here. 2014 will be the year we move, it simply has to be.

Of course, I'll probably give myself the mental-goals of losing weight/becoming fit or something. I do really need to do this, and I could probably start now buuuuut where's the fun in that?

Chelsea xo

Friday, 27 December 2013

We're here tonight and that's enough...

Seeing as my last post was nearly a week ago, I'm sure you've all missed me terribly! Joking aside, I hope everyone has had a nice week - I know I've certainly had a busy one filled with family, some dodgy party games and copious amounts of food. We spent Christmas eve, day and Boxing day with Joe's family, but now I am back home and left to my own devices while Joe goes back to work! Boo!

Dylan doesn't quite understand finger puppets...
I felt like this might be the perfect opportunity for me to share a few of my favourite blogging people that came into my life during 2013. Whether I've been lucky enough to meet them, or if they've been there for me on twitter or if I've just simply been a huge fan of their blogs - they'll be here! 

So, enough rambling from me, I'm sure you'll all dying to see who made my 'nice' list. First up we have the lovely Leona. Not only has Leona had me laughing til I cry with her perfect use of twitter, but she is just generally a super nice gal. She also has a rather cute pooch in the form of Rex. He's probably the star, to be honest. Knowing that we both love Busted and McFly, she offered to see the McBusted tour in Cardiff with me! We haven't met before, but that kind of niceness is definitely good in my book. Speaking of meeting each other, we also decided that we would meet each other for the very first time in January. Which is exciting. And a little bit scary. But mostly exciting. Make sure you check out her blog, and twitter, if you haven't already as she is the bomb.

Next up on my list is the lovely Christina from Kimi And Me. Another blogger I haven't even met yet, but would very much like to. Christina really is the sweetest lady on twitter, and always comes across as thoughtful and just super awesome on there. Her blog is a mix of fashiony goodness (although Joe might disagree when it urges me to splurge!) with really friendly and descriptive writing. It is just so inspirational to me. We seem to have a similar taste in clothes and housey bits, so it's only natural that I'm drawn to it. Plus, she also has two super cute beagles. 

Okay, who's next? Adrienne from Late Night Nonsense. Adrienne could talk utter balls on her blog, and I dunno, write about farming or something and I would still follow her. Why? Cos she's ruddy beautiful. As shallow as that makes me sound, she is. Go and look at her! She also comes across as really down to earth and friendly. She's on that there youtube, and I think that helps to show how 'real' her blog is. Luckily, she doesn't write about balls or farming, and she writes such excellent beauty reviews. I am literally tripping myself up with my wording here, as I don't want to sound too gushy, but yeah. Just check her out, and tell me that she's not all kinds of wonderful, all right? 

I guess any list about great bloggers who have really shone in 2013 would not be complete without Lisette. Her friendliness and loveliness are her greatest attributes, not to mention all of her other great qualities. Does her name ring a bell? That's because she's the mastermind behind pretty much everyone's Thankful Thursday posts. Lisette was able to take herself out of what could have been a really dark place and flipped the coin. She embraced it and helped others to see the light. If that isn't empowering or influential, then I don't know what is. Lisette usually comes up with some utter gems during the #lbloggers chats, the kinds of things you wish you'd said and that you might print out and put in a frame. 

Wow, I've only selected four bloggers here, and I feel like I could go on all day. For your sanity, I won't but I definitely could! Maybe I'll make some sort of feature out of this... Honourable mentions go to Danniella from Famous in Japan, Tori from Tori's Tales, Lara of Looks Like Lara, Erica of Being Erica, Amy of Cocktails in Teacups and Becky from Becky Bedbug. Whoa. Still, there are so many lovely ladies I could mention, but I am definitely stopping here. 

Chelsea xo

Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Secret Santa

I think I've made it no secret that I simply love Christmas. I am a big fan of giving, and that feeling you get when you know you picked the *perfect* gift for someone. Although I have two jobs over Christmas, neither of them partook in Secret Santa this year, so I had to find my fun elsewhere! Luckily, I saw that Hannah was going to organise a Secret Santa of her own, which made me instantly chuck my name down. I love surprises almost as much as I love Christmas so this seemed like a fab idea to me! 

Now, if you follow me on twitter, you'll have noticed that I've been whinging about my secret santa presents not arriving. This is in no way a reflection of my secret santa, or Hannah's wonderful organisation skills. This is me simply having no parcel luck. I was due to receive a parcel from my friend from Up North on Tuesday. She'd sent it as Next Day delivery with a well known courier on Monday, so I was hopeful. It didn't arrive, but I thought Wednesday would be the day. It didn't arrive on Wednesday. I let my friend know that it was rather late, so she gave me the little tracking number thing you get. I tracked it, and it had appeared that they had me down as Address Unknown, and that they'd failed to deliver it twice. This is really odd seeing as I get post every day and as I live in a town, on a rather busy and well populated street. 

ANYWAYS, let's get back to the niceness of my Secret Santa gifts! 

Imagine I have nice Christmassy bedding...
My Secret Santa was the lovely Megan from Cupcakes and Converse. When I opened my parcel, I was absolutely chuffed with what I saw. She'd clearly taken the time to look through my blog and see what I might like. She'd picked out the ear muffs and mini bottle hand warmer as she knew I take Monty for walkies - and because it's cold, obvs - which really blew me away. How thoughtful is that? And look how cute they are?! The next things I found were these delightful little cross-stitch kits. I was really into cross-stitch when I was around 14 or so and had recently been thinking about taking it up again. Plus, my last post was about being crafty at Christmas, so it couldn't come at a better time, really! Megan had picked these as she has also discovered a love for cross-stitch so I thought it was lovely of her to share that with me. Last thing in the picture is a little Yankee Candle in Pink Sands. Megan said that this is her favourite scent, and I must say it smells really sweet and right up my street! I've never actually had a Yankee Candle so I'm really excited to try this out. Again, I felt that Megan's personal touch was a nicer gift to me than if she had just chosen a bog-standard Christmassy scent. Not seen in this picture is a big ol' bar of chocolate as sadly I unwrapped my gifts in front of Dylan and he immediately wanted a chunk or two of chockluk

Megan also included a lovely little letter and a Christmas card! I really loved how personal my gifts were, and I hope whoever had Megan put as much thought into her gifts too. 

Overall, I'm really glad that I took part in this Secret Santa this year, and hopefully I'll take part in a few more next year! 

Chelsea xo

p.s. If you ever want to hear about more parcel dilemmas, I've got a whoooole load!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmassy Crafting

So Christmas is less than a week away. I'm going to join the group of people that honestly can't believe how quickly the year has flown by. Last Christmas, a real highlight for me was that we made a few gifts for Joe's little sisters. When I say made, what I mean is that we made chocolate bars. 

Joe made some honeycomb and we made crunchie-style bars, we also bashed up some malteasers and made some Hotel Chocolat-style fancy bars of swirled chocolate and little extra bits. It was great fun, and felt really personal. I think the girls both really enjoyed having their own one-of-a-kind chocolate bundles, and happily munched away at them.

This year, we won't be doing this as Joe will be working everyday except Christmas Eve (yes, that includes Christmas Day boohoo!) and we just simply won't have the time. I would love to be the sort of person who can make gifts for everyone, so much so that I've included it on my 101 in 1001 Days list. Keeping this in mind, I bought a few sheets of felt and asked the girls if they'd like to make Christmassy things with me. 

Definitely should be a felt model. 
I made a rather fantastic felt bauble. I want to make another one with just one stripe in the middle so that I can stitch some initials on it. I think this would be a nice touch, and I'd maybe do it in red. In the first picture, Laura had made me a little love heart hairband, inspired by the lovely Ally and her snowflake hairband. We did try and make a snowflake version, but snowflakes are fiddly to draw (and cut out) so we swiftly changed our mind! Naomi made a little Christmas tree (which is now on her Christmas tree) which I sadly forgot to photograph! 

Have you made anything crafty for Christmas? I'd love some more felt ideas if you have any! :)

Chelsea xo

Monday, 16 December 2013

This Christmas, Get Your Game On!

With all the beauty and fashion Christmas wish lists going around on the ol' bloggersphere, I thought I'd tell you about the games I'd put on my list for Santa. I've got to be honest and tell you that I will definitely not be getting any of these for Christmas, as I've already spoilt myself - whoops!

Check me out and my picmonkey editing skills. Plus, bonus red tree!
Not entirely sure how I ended up with a red tree? but let's go on regardless. First up, I've selected The Sims Pets expansion pack. I love The Sims. As a student, I feel like it's my obligation to sit and spend hours creating the perfect house and Simmies, only to go and kill everyone in a house fire as and when I see fit. I'm hoping if my Sims had pets, I would be less likely to murder my pretend family. (Please tell me I'm not alone in this, I'm slightly worried for myself!) Game are currently offering this at £14.99 as well as a few other expansion packs, so that's pretty great!

Next up, we have Zoo Tycoon. Let me just start with saying this looks INCREDIBLE. I really, really, really want it. It's roughly £34.99 for this, for some reason the Game website isn't giving me a price, but I would get this from my local store anyways - yay for staff discount! I want to have my own zoo and pet animals and stuff. Dylan would probably enjoy this, too. Probably.

Do I even have to explain wanting Zelda: A Link Between Worlds? I think not. I've always been a huge fan of Link and the Zelda games. This has gone back to the old school design, something which the recent Wii game was lacking for me. I love the graphics and can't wait to go back to the legendary world of Hyrule!

Lastly, we have everybody's favourite puzzle-solving Professor. I am a huge Professor Layton fan and I am devastated that this is the last game in the series - or so they say. I hope it isn't true. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy has received some great reviews, and I've been itching to buy it for so long. This game kind of follows on from the previous game, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, so it might be best to play that first.

So, there's my short and sweet gaming wish list. I'm hoping to maybe treat myself (again!) once I've been paid, as I really do enjoy getting lost for hours on end with a console! Would you like any games waiting for you under the tree?

Chelsea xo

I haven't been sponsored by Game for this post, I just prefer them to amazon and the like! 
Feel free to shop around if you wish :) 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The November Edit

Okay, so does everyone remember this post from November? In short, I thought it would be a nice idea to set myself some monthly goals and see if I could achieve any. Let's see how I managed...

Oh sketchbook, how I loathe thee.
start working in all three of my module sketchbooks
Oh, sketchbooks. My first sketchbook deadline is today so as this goes live, I will be sat in my uni library hoping to finish it. That sounds terrible, and I assure you that I didn't leave everything to the last minute. My printer has sadly passed on, so I've had to write notes and notes on separate pieces of paper, which I can then add to my sketchbook once I can print out the images. Does that make sense? ANYWAYS. Yes, I have started working on my sketchbooks. But mostly focusing on this one. Sorry, other sketchbooks!

keep the house reasonably tidy
Um, I want to say yes? But really, it's a no. Joe is the main tidy-upper in the house, so... thanks for that! 

take Monty on some nice Autumnal walks
We went on a few walks, but not nearly enough for the little guy. Must try harder.

don't buy any more fizzy pop
Okay, so I still bought quite a lot of fizzy pop. Maybe slightly less? I dunno.

bake sticky toffee pudding, or a treacle tart
I didn't do either of these things, but Joe made gingerbread cake! It is awesome and sticky and soooo amazingly good.

do fun things on my/Joe's days off
We didn't get to go to the cinema to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, sadly. I think we managed to spend two or three days together, just being boring and doing things like a weekly shop. Oh, the glamorous life we lead!

Wow, so that was a disaster month! I haven't set myself any goals for December as I have been so stressed out recently with uni deadlines and mis-managing a few things in my life. Sigh. I'll try again in January, probably. I'm hoping to find 

Chelsea xo
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Saturday, 7 December 2013

More milk?

A slightly misleading title, but let's go with it nonetheless. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me tweet about articles I've contributed to my uni magazine. It's my main module, and it's quite, erm, interesting. The magazine is called milk. With the full stop.  In lower case. In bold. Anyhoo, as well as writing articles, I have also been working on a sketchbook. 

Ah, the sketchbook. You've probably seen my tweets about that as well. Yes, I hate sketchbooks. I am not creative in the slightest, and this really pains me. I've had all day off today to work in my sketchbook but it is just too hard for me. And it's due in on Wednesday. JOY. I really wish it came naturally to me, but it just doesn't. I do not have the time for it, and I don't really see the point in the deadline being halfway through the course. Of course, I keep pushing myself to be better and try to show some creative flair, because I feel like I need to have that extra... something. I don't know what I need, but I sure as hell ain't found it yet.

I'm rambling. This is more than likely the most poorly constructed post ever. I'm sorry. I just thought I would let you all know why I might be a little quite on the blog and twitter front. Also, I have news! I cut my fringe back in, see!

I was feeling a *tad* Christmassy when editing this.
Hopefully, I should be able to get some better photos today as I am currently at the #BathXmasMeet that the delightful Megan has organised! Thanks for sticking with me though this rather hectic point in life, I'm sure once I hand my work in I'll be back to my usual chatty self!

Chelsea xo

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Thinking About Thinking

I was this on the lovely Freya's blog, and just had to give it a little steal. I'm sure she won't mind. Basically, it's a nice little round-up go what I've been up to and everything else in between. Obviously, if you'd hate to know more about me, I do apologise!

I love this image Joe's brother sent me of Dylan. Too cool, clearly.
Eating - I had enchiladas for tea tonight, which is simply awesome. As well as that, I have been eating rather naughtily and need to stop.
Drinking - lots of tea with honey and lemon! I'm trying to nurse my sore throat back to full fitness, but it's quite the task! Any remedies you have for me, send them this way!
Believing - that I am actually better at my course than I give myself credit for. This doesn't include sketchbook work, mind. I'm absolutely dreadful at that.

Dreaming of - raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. I so want to watch The Sound of Music but I just have no spare time for it! Plus, I want my throat to be better so I can sing along.
Anticipating - can I say Christmas? It's December now, so I think I should be allowed. The other night we discovered we had bought (and wrapped) extra presents for Dylan, which was quite funny. It'll be a surprise for us as well when he opens them!
Wearing - Joe's clothing. Be it t-shirts, or wooly jumpers. Usually both.

Achieving - always having a lip balm with me. My lips tend to be the first things to dry up when the weather changes, but I've remembered to keep them moisturised, yay Chelsea! Now I just need to fix my awfully dry scalp, boo Chelsea!
Watching - a lot of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's definitely my new favourite thing. I love just putting it on as background noise and giggling away to myself while I type out a few articles for uni. Just gotta be careful that I don't type out what I'm hearing!
Enjoying - catching up with the girls from uni. My life is pretty boring at the moment, but there is never a dull moment between the other girls in our little group!

Hiding - my Boots receipts from Joe. Standard.
Feeling - sorry for myself. I am the worst person to get any kind of illness, really. No one ever seems to understand my plight.
Making - a big ol' mess. Whether it's my sketchbook, in the kitchen or just in general. Chaos is forever following me.

Reading - The Gourmet by Muriel Barbery. It was a gift from Ellie for my birthday and I'm really enjoying it. Probably not wise to read it on the train when I've usually skipped breakfast and am absolutely starving, but oh well.
Purchasing - the things for my secret santa partner! I've been a bit tardy and am yet to post it, but I'm hoping I can buy a box or something tomorrow to put it all in. I've always been buying presents for my little brothers, aren't I kind?
Loving - any free time I get with Dylan and Joe. I miss them so much, all the time.

Planning - when I'll ever see my family again. Slightly dramatic, maybe. I haven't been up North since April, which makes me saaaaad.
Obsessing over - I couldn't possibly say.
Adventuring - nowhere, really. Just in my mind.
Working on - my sketchbooks. As always. Still hugely unfinished.

Chelsea xo
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