Saturday, 30 November 2013

Wish We'd Gone Away // Outfit

Here I am again with another excuse for an outfit post. I do try and make an effort for these things, but today I had to ask Joe to step in and be my photographer. He kept distracting me, so these images are the best in a bad bunch. Also, how do you girls do these things in winter?! It was like, half four or something when I took these and I had to have the big light on! Madness, I tell ye!

Three guesses which one has flash turned on...
Okay, so these aren't the greatest pictures you ever did see, and no I won't be winning any awards anytime soon for my editing skills. You can't see very well, but I'm wearing a lovely green hair turban thingy from H&M. Actually, three quarters of this outfit is from H&M. My H&M top (I'm starting to sound a bit sponsored by them, aren't I?) is last season, so I can't link to that and my skirt is a £5 bargain from Primark. I imagine you might be able to find this, but yeah, it is Primark so good luck with that. My last H&M item, is my super-awesome gillet thing. I think I got this in 2011 or something. Wow, this is definitely the least helpful item post ever!

My arms look super tanned in the right picture, I wish they were! I'm easily at my palest ever, I haven't been abroad since 2010 and British sun doesn't seem to tan me. Another thing I've found from these pictures is that I do not know how to pose. Look at me! How unflattering! Also, hiya red face!

That's it I guess, really. I thought I looked quite cute this morning but typing about myself now has made me think otherwise, haha! Ah well, I'll try again, maybe...

Chelsea xo

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  1. Love the print on that skirt!

    1. Can you believe it cost a £5 from Primark? it's probably my new favourite thing! x


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