Monday, 4 November 2013

Moving Forward...

I feel like I have a blogpost lurking in the darkness with the same title, but hopefully not! Following on from my last post, I thought I would write myself a little post on things I would like to achieve in November.

Have a cheesy picture of my face for no reason whatsoever.
- start working in all three of my module sketchbooks
I have mentioned before that I have sketchbooks, and I seriously hate them with a passion. I know that once I start it will (hopefully!) become easier, as it is the vast whiteness that is so off-putting. That, and the fact I have no idea what I'm actually meant to be sketchbooking... 

- keep the house reasonably tidy
Now that Joe and I are working pretty much full-time, we are therefore in the house less, and you would think that this means it will stay tidy. Obviously, Dylan likes to create as much destruction as humanely possibly whilst awake, but we need to keep on top of it.

- take Monty on some nice Autumnal walks
I love Autumn, and I love the crunchy leaves under foot. I'm sure Monty does too, so this would be great fun for the pair of us! Naturally I can't really do this much when it starts pouring down, as it makes for a soggy doggy, but I'll try and do a few a week. This ties in to my next goal...

- don't buy any more fizzy pop
Do people still call it fizzy pop? I'm basically talking about Cherry Cola, but I have been known to sway to other brands. I want to do this basically because I think it would be better for my tum and stuff. Also, autumn is the time for nice hot drinks, not cold fizzy ones!

- bake sticky toffee pudding, or a treacle tart
Purely because if I'm not getting my sugar fix from a drink, I definitely want a slice of something that could potentially kill me!

- do fun things on my/Joe's days off
This is probably self-explanatory but we hardly see each other these days. I'd love to go for a day out or even just to the cinema together! (Definitely wanting to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, I just love Steve too much!) 

I thought I better stop there, just incase I don't actually do any of these things! I'll no doubt think of things to add to this list, but yeah. Just trying to find myself a nice work/play balance with life, so fingers crossed for me! I'd love to read your goals for the month/week/year haha :) 

Chelsea xo


  1. life without soda is not a life worth living.

    1. Definitely haven't stopped drinking it yet, ha!

  2. I love life without pop! (The drink, not the music kind...) x

    1. How?! What else is there to drink?! x

  3. If you find the miracle answer for keeping a house tidy let me know, I only have to walk through my apartment and it's like a whirlwind has occured!

    1. If I did know the answer, I'd expect to become an instant millionaire too!

  4. these are some good goals :) I particularly understand the one about not buying fizzy pop! (It's cool to call it that, ok?!) - I need to stop but I'm sat here with a can of coke in one hand while I type with the other so..yeah, not going so good xo

    1. I bought a bottle of water today, felt so proud of myself haha :) xx


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