Monday, 25 November 2013

Guilty Pleasures.

I love music. I love all kinds of music. I would be insanely proud of myself if I were able to write music, or even play an instrument half-decently. I love singing, and I can usually be found trying to pressure people into taking me to a karaoke bar. My favourite chats with people are about music (usually!) and I love finding out I have a favourite song in common with someone. 

A terrible picture of me and the chaps from Wild Beasts
One of my uni lectures has incredible music taste, and he is probably the most passionate man alive. He moved from Australia so he could study Factory Records and has even wrote a very highly regarded book about their artwork. This post isn't about him though, it's about me. It's about me and my hate for the term 'guilty pleasures'. 

I am the biggest Morrissey fan, you might be aware of this. I loved everything (barring one shit cover song) he did with the Smiths and I've loved everything he's done as a solo artist. I defend him at every turn I get, and I know people can tell I'm clutching at straws when I do this. I just love the guy. I also love Busted, Savage Garden, Nicola Roberts, Shakira and basically every boyband from the 90s. I know all the words to Club Tropicana and probably like Party All The Time - by Eddie Murphy, no less - more than I should. Are they my guilty pleasures? No, they bloody well are not! I don't feel guilty whatsoever when I listen to these songs, and why should I? Music should be escapism, music should make you feel good. Music should make you laugh at times, and cry at times, and dance 'til you're tired, if needs be. 

Don't get me wrong, I can be a bit of a music snob, but I'm trying to fix this. You tell me you like Robbie Williams, and I'll say, "sure, She's The One was a bit of a good one" and then try to change the subject as nicely as possible. You say, "The Wanted are the best boyband ever!!!" and I'll say, "yeah, but they haven't released a song half as good as Lightening recently!" It's just like that really. I'm well aware that people hate Morrissey and people probably hate Savage Garden but I shouldn't feel guilty over it. 

Now I'm on the subject of music, I thought I'd add a few youtube links to some of my favourite songs ever. I generally listen to these during train journeys and it's just awesome. 

1. Someone Purer - Mystery Jets I didn't actually realise they'd made a video for this, oops.
6. Heart - Pet Shop Boys I've used the album version as the video is a bit... 80s

Don't say I never give you anything! :)

Chelsea xo

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  1. The whole 2000's pop Busted/Girls Aloud et al thing passed me by I was being an indie kid before it was cool. My music tastes are here there any everywhere, I use to have issues with that when I was going up but i'm more accepting of it and probably explains why I can go from 1920s jazz to Anthrax via The Temptations in three songs.

    1. Ah, you canont beat a bit of Motown! I think variety is the best thing. Whilst in my 2000s pop stage, I also started listening to the Futureheads, Blink 182 and erm.. Celine Dion...

  2. Well said! i've recently had a battle on my hands at work over the radio station, i'm always campaigning for six music on the basis of it being real music, but since i booked my Katy Perry ticket, my taste has been called in to question. i love Katy and i'm not ashamed!

    Ignore the haters, enjoy your 'pleasures'!

    Cate, x

    1. Love a bit of six music! I'm pretty much the same, I've seen Katy live but I've also seen My Chemical Romance live as well as Manic Street Preachers (I'm not bragging - promise!) so people are often surprised by my varied taste! x


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