Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wondering Wednesday #9

Wow, I am so bad at keeping up with my own blog ideas. My last Wondering Wednesday post was on 25th September (unless you count the thoughtful post I did on my birthday - which I totally am doing) which is terrible! Bad Chelsea! But yeah, I'm going to delve right in now...

This is how I spend my free time at uni - drinking coffee in the East Wing
I'm sure every blogger has reached a certain point in the lives when it just seems like there is too much going on all at once. Amiright? I think I am. Hell, I know I am as I'm there right now! I love blogging, and I love how it allows me to just type a load of hoohah and have like-minded people tell me how right I am about things. It's nice. However, I am also a second year uni student and it seems all my deadlines are before Christmas. Which is a bit cruel, if you ask me. Why not stick to January, you meanies? All of these deadlines are researched based as well, which is easily my weakest point and it's just getting a bit blah for me. 

On top of that, I'm also working two part-time jobs and I'm a mum. Oh, and I need to tidy the house and stuff too. And eat! Who has time to cook and buy food when you don't have time to blog? No one. I guess a simple solution would be for me to leave one of my jobs, but as one is a Christmas-temp job, I really feel like I would be dropping them in it. Plus I love working there! So no, I can't do that. My real problem, is utilising my time as efficiently as possible. I always tell people that getting the train to uni isn't so bad as I can do uni work on the train. Do I do this? No, not really. I should definitely be doing this! I also need to work a little schedule with Dylan's nana so that she can have him on my day off so that I'm not being distracted by the handsome Dr. Ranj on cbeebies Dylan being awesomely cute and wanting to play. 

In essence, I guess I am just asking for your support. Did you find this struggle? What did you do to organise yourself better? Should I simply just hire Becky to sort me a life timetable? 

Chelsea xo


  1. Oh wow, you are a busy bee! You can only do as much as you can hun, don't beat yourself up about it :)
    We all get those moments in time!!


    1. Oh, I know. We had a graduate come in to uni last week and she just basically should be dead the amount of extra stuff she was doing - and she got a first! No pressure, haha

  2. Girrrrrl, I didn't realise you were such a superwoman! I'm mega impressed. I'm not the most organised person so I can't really provide any useful tips but I hope you can fit in a little time to relax so you don't burn out. <3

    Tara xo

  3. You are a busy bee! Personally, I'd lower your housework standards and cook huge vats of food to stash in the freezer for an easy/too tired to cook properly dinner. You can't do everything, but the things you highlighted are a good start in helping you feel more in control xx


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