Saturday, 5 October 2013

Topshop Student Lock-in Wishlist

So, the time has come. Students go back to uni and city centres are frequented as soon as the student loans come in. I wish I could say I were any different, but it seems to be the case with me also. I'm going to say that now I have two jobs (which realistically cannot go on for long, second year looks haaaaaard) I should be allowed to splash out on a few things. 

The things I need are very basic - a winter coat with a hood, some winter boots and a new bag. The boots and coat are the most urgent, as it rains a lot here so I need to stop wearing plims and things which let the water seep through. Maybe I'm buying the wrong plims, but yeah. Wishlist are go!

Navy coat & cherry coat both Topshop
The first coat on my wishlist is this lovely navy Fur Hooded Swing Coat. It has concealed buttons which always amuses me, and is navy. In the winter this is essential as it means any small traces of sun will be attracted to you and therefore make you less cold. Or something, it's science. The second coat is this rather lovely cherry Bound Seam Duffle Coat, which looks so cosy! Joe has a grey duffle coat though, so I don't want us to look matchy matchy. I do love the colour though. Ah, choices. Both coats come in a few different colours, so if you like either style then maybe check them out also. 

Model boots & Motel boots both Topshop
Leather booties seem to be where it's all at, at the moment. I was toying with the idea of jumping on the rather full 'cut-out' bandwagon, but as I mentioned previously, it does rain an awful lot. Soggy socks are something I am actively trying to avoid, people! The Model Elastic Lace Up Boots look quite cute, and I imagine they are quite comfy to wear, what with being elastic and all. I'm not sure of the colour online, so I'll definitely need to have a closer inspection if I can spot them instore. The buckled Motel Monk Strap Boots look like a nicer colour, and I am really drawn to that gold detailing. I've no idea why, as all my jewellery tends to be silver or white gold, but tan and gold obviously go better together.

I guess it's a good thing that I haven't spotted a bag I like (that is big enough, at least) in Topshop, as otherwise I would be making a huuuge spend in one shop. Other shops included in the Student Lock-in are H&M - although I did have a bit of a shop in there yesterday - River Island, New Look and Urban Outfitters, to name but a few, so I should be able to find something, right? 

I didn't want to bore everyone with a huuuge wishlist of nearly identical items, but if you'd like to see what I'd get from any of those stores mentioned above, then I'm sure I could work something out. If you've bought something recently which you think might do the tasks in hand, then please let me know! 

Chelsea xo


  1. Great items - the boots are lovely! :)

    1. I know, I'm a bit tempted to maybe buy both? I think my other half would have a heart attack though haha x

  2. Oh my gosh, I am swooning over the second coat. Want want want!

    Lost in the Haze

    1. Isn't it beautiful? I think it's definitely the winner here! x

  3. oh i do love a duffle coat, and the colour is lovely. i agree with the boots too, i like the gold buckle detail. hope you are finally feeling better hun :-)

    1. Yeees, I am all well and good! :) I definitely need some boots, my trust shoes have a hole in the bottom! x

  4. Oooh my heart beats for that burgundy duffel coat.


  5. I'm very much liking the boots! :)


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