Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wondering Wednesday #7

Is it Wednesday already? I've been debating with myself with a few different subjects I could have used for todays post, but I thought I would go back to basics and just talk about my family for a bit. I know this could be quite boring for some people, and I promise I have some different posts up my sleeve, but for now this will do. Plus, I like my family, so why wouldn't I write about them?

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I had my mum and two little brothers stay with us at the weekend, and although I've not seen them since April, I think it was just the perfect amount of time. God, why did no one tell me that 10 year old and 14 year old brothers can be annoying? Haha, joking aside, it was nice to see them and I tried to show them a few of the nice things Somerset has to offer.

First, we headed off to Street for the Clarks retail village. My mum was wanting to pick up some school shoes for my brothers, so sadly there was no time to look at everything else the village has to offer. Then, after a quick stop in Glastonbury we ended up in Cheddar. I've lived in Somerset for a year now, and I find it absolutely shocking that this was my first time in Cheddar. I could live on cheese, I love it so much.

This little bit is near all the shops, and there is this peaceful view on one side, and on the other side it is the humongous Gorge. I wasn't really that interested in the Gorge, if I'm honest, as I'd skipped breakfast and the promise of cheese was just too much for me to take. After dragging everyone to taste the cheeses, I let them go back to tourist mode and spent ages trying to get a decent photo of everyone sat on a rock.

Dylan doesn't even look like Dylan in that photo, and the wind is blowing Jake's hair about (he's a rocker, so that's his style apparently) but this is definitely the nicest one there. After Cheddar, we took the scenic route home - which is basically any road not on the motorway in Somerset - and then we took the train to Weston. As we don't have a car, we decided that doing a few things by train would be the best thing as it meant Joe could come along too! 

This is such a bad photo of me, but look how handsome Joe is! *dreamy sigh* But yes. We went to Weston, and then it started to rain! Nothing like good British summertime weather, is there? Naturally, we were practically the only people there, and the boys all had fun kicking Dylan's ball about and building sand-mounds - top marks for not bringing any buckets or spades!

Then, on the Saturday, we took the train to Bristol! We went on a Gromit hunt, and it was quite fun. Despite going to Bristol quite a lot, there were so many Gromits in really obvious places that I hadn't found yet. I also took everyone to St. Nicholas' Market to get some amazing food - I had pie, obviously, Joe had some falafals and my mum got some BBQ'd lamb. My silly brothers ended up getting egg and chips, which is so like them. Kids, ey? 

I thought I'd include some cute photos of Dylan for good measure. The first picture is from our trip to Bristol, and the second one is at a local farm shop we went to with Joe's nana on Monday. Sadly, nana's trip collided with my mums trip, so we didn't get to see much of her, but we made sure the time we had was full of fun stuff. Naturally, this included a cream tea and a go on the slides. I love Dylan's hair in the second picture, so funny. 

So that is all I got up to during my weekend with family. I'd like to go to a few different places in Somerset, as there really is so many things here, but without a car it is a bit tedious, if I'm honest. Have you been up to anything fun lately? 



  1. Aw, having family visit is the best! I moved really far away from my family recently (I live in Chicago, they're in North Carolina) so that makes me appreciate the time we get to spend together even more!

    1. It really is the best, isn't it? :)

  2. The 1930's lido in Street is well worth a visit for an afternoon out with a picnic - it's heated so you don't need to shiver in the water! :-)

    The West Somerset Steam Railway line is always a good day out as well, I really like Watchet harbour and all the main stations are accessible by bus.

    If you get a chance with your own transport, visit Ebbor Gorge just north of Wookey Hole Caves. It's a rocky wooded nature reserve but there's a layby on the top of the Mendip Hills with an amazing view of over 50 miles. One a clear day you can see the seaside, Wales, the Blackdown Hills and it's really noticeable how much below sea level the Somerset Levels are.

    Plus if you fancy it, make sure you get to watch a big Carnival this Autumn! :-) x

    1. Wow, some great recommendations, I'll definitely try a few of these out! :)
      I'm really intrigued by Ebbor Gorge, I bet it's a beautiful view x

  3. Looks like a great day!! Great post!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!!

    Katrina X


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