Monday, 23 September 2013


Dear readers, I have some bad news. I am ill. I have been awake since 3am, and finally gave up trying to sleep at around 4am so I've been sat downstairs waiting for the doctors to open so I can ring them. I've got an ear infection, which I used to get practically every winter whilst growing up, but I feel like this is the worst one yet. It's probably as the last two years have been ear infection-free, but y'know, it is super bad. 

I was attempting to do a little "yay first payday wish list" for you all, but my internet was getting really annoying so that didn't happen. I then thought about doing a book review, but then I remember I'm not even halfway through my book, so of course that couldn't happen. So instead, I'm going to just post this picture of Dylan from my instagram account. 

Too cute.
This is from yesterday morning. I'd woken up early as I had a shift at work and could hear Dylan chatting to himself (or maybe his teddies?) in his cot, so I thought I'd get him out and have a little snuggle with him. As much as I love work, I feel like I'm hardly going to see much of this chap once I'm working and back at uni. Anyways, Dylan had other ideas and did not want to snuggle! Instead, he decided that he wanted to free-fall onto the bed?! He just stood up straight, and then kept leaning forward so that he just bounced face first off the mattress. I'm hoping this hasn't damaged him in any way, as he kept doing it and found it completely hilarious. 

So yeah, in short, that is my child. I love how he's turning into a 'proper' human, and pretty much everyone thinks he's a lovely child. He has his own quirks, such as he hates getting his hands dirty and he likes teasing you by puckering up and then shouting "NO KISS" at the last second, so sly! 

Right, well I'll stop blabbing on about Dylan, I'm sure hearing about someone's toddler isn't everyone's bag. You'll be glad to know that I've finally managed to get an appointment to see the doctor at 2 today (after telling me that they had no available appointments until October 1st?!), so hopefully I'll be less of a bore on twitter haha! No promises, obviously.

Hope you're all having a better start to the week than I have!

Chelsea xo


  1. Hope you're feeling better today and the Doctors can help you. Dylan is such a cutey! My niece used to love face planting the bed when she was smaller :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

    1. They've given me some ear drops, but I'm so cackhanded it's proving difficult! He sure is, I'm glad to hear it's a common thing with kiddies x

  2. That's one handsome little dude! Hope you feel better soon lady
    M x Life Outside London

    1. And he knows it! Thanks, I'll get there - some say I'm a bit of a drama queen but that's all rubbish! x

  3. Ah me too :( always had trouble with the ol' earholes. Can't hear a damn thing at the moment, so grotty. feel better soon x

    1. It's so awful, isn't it? Hope yours are better soon, too! xx


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