Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mini update!

Just a little update today to tell you a few things! I dyed my hair (again) yesterday to lighten the 'dip' bit, and was rather shocked when I washed it off and it turned my hair a murky grey/blue. It was so odd! As someone who actually quite fancies the look of grey hair, it looks horrible! It was soo patchy as well, so my love of grey hair hasn't died yet!

After asking twitter for help, Danni and Jennifer came to the rescue and now my hair has mellowed quite a bit. It still has a tint of grey in a few places, but I'm a lot happier with it!

Excuse the huuuge nose, here! Not my best angle...
Another update, is that I start working at Boots tomorrow! I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I got a huge package in the post this morning with various handbooks and forms I need to fill out, so I imagine I'll be focusing on that side of things. I'm really excited, and hugely nervous, but I'm sure it'll be a fun day. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! 

Chelsea xo


  1. Good luck for your first day--I'm sure you'll be grand!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award btw--clicky!

  2. Howdy ma'am, think the barnet looks great!
    I too have nominated you for one of those Liebster Award jobbies
    M x


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