Wednesday, 18 September 2013

It's the Final Countdown!

I'm sorry guys, I just couldn't help myself with the title of this. Basically, this post is going to highlight that it is my birthday in less than a month! That's right, October 16th - the biggest day of the year. Well, for me at least. My 21st birthday was a bit of a letdown, so I'm really hoping that this year is special. I'm also feeling excited to sing about "feeling twentytwooooooo" for a whole year, and perhaps longer if I can still remember the song. 
So, why was my 21st birthday a flop? Pretty much everyone forgot about it. I spent most of the day by myself as Dylan was at childcare, and Joe was on his course. We did have pie for tea, which was awesome, but we were supposed to have it with family and they were ill. If you ask me, it is just plain rude to do that on my birthday. What else? Oh yes, it was my first birthday away from my actual family, and we're talking 300 miles away from them - although, my dad is actually 2000 miles away from me this year - the swine! The icing on the cake? Student Finance had messed everything up so we had no money to do anything, and about a million money worries to deal with. 

This year, I am hoping to have a nice time and fingers crossed it will be as stress free as possible. I'm not the sort to go partying or anything (I am a boring mum now, after all) but I am looking forward to not having a whole day by myself. Dylan will be off at least, and Joe will hopefully be on a split shift so at least I can see him at some point during the day. 

I've asked for a watch for my birthday, and if anyone else is feeling generous, I'd love an iPad Mini. I'd like someone to make me a cake, and no doubt I will be asking for pie, again. Another thing I would love for my birthday would be to reach the elusive 100 follower goal! I know numbers don't matter, but it's just one thing I would love to get to. It would really make my day complete to get to that, but I've no idea how I can reach it in a month. That's 22 whole followers! Any suggestions with how I can do this, would be greatly appreciated!

Is it your birthday soon? Do you have a birthday wishlist I can gain inspiration from? :) 

Chelsea xo


  1. I hope you have a better birthday this year! I'll try spread the news that you'd love to reach your goal in time for your birthday :)


  2. You shall reach your goal, and have a lovely birthday! I'm a hundred years older than you on the 17th of oct! What watch have you got your eye on? I'd love an I pad mini hehe x

    1. Is that really your birthday? It's also Eminem's so you're in.. erm, good company? hahaha :) You're looking pretty fine for a 121 year old! :) I'm currently coveting a Vivienne Westwood one but it's sooo expensivee!


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