Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Autumn Leaves

I love autumn. I love baking in the autumn, I love the colours of autumn and I even love that it doesn't even look like a real word. That last point might just be me, actually... This autumn I am looking forward to quite a lot of things, on the basis that they can't be worse than last year. I'm such an optimist, right? Anyhoo, I've been whittling my way through hundreds of unread posts on bloglovin' (this is no exaggeration - don't have family stay for a whole weekend, it wrecks your blogging mojo!) and I saw the Autumn tag created by Georgina from Makeup Pixi3. I likes me a good tag, and I likes me a good autumn so let the funtimes begin!

Check me out and my vintage bunting.

For Autumn, what is your...

1. Favourite thing about it? Holy cow, I have to pick one thing? Talk about easing me in gently. My favourite thing, I cannot lie, has to be my birthday. Who doesn't love their own birthday? I usually always get some sort of knitwear for my birthday and knitwear is also one of my favourite things - I'm wearing a short sleeved knitted jumper as I type - so yes. Birthday. 

2. Favourite drink? Hot chocolate, easily. None of that crap from a coffee store, either. I like drinking hot chocolate at home, snuggled up on the couch with my boys watching something hilarious or dramatic on the telebox. I mean, drinking hot chocolate outside is cool too, but only if you're at some sort of events. Them's the rules.

3. Favourite scent? Cinnamon, without a doubt. This is really making me want to make some gingerbread and cinnamon cookies! Also, cookies. And ginger. 

4. Best lipstick? I don't really wear lipstick, as I don't have a top lip (thanks, genes!) so rem, this is a tricky one. I'd usually plump for just a good lip butter or something.

5. Go to moisturiser? I have to use Clinique's Dramatically Different on my face, otherwise I look like a scary, dry mess. Everywhere else I just grab whatever I have to hand, at the minute it's a pistachio one :)

6. Go to colours for the eyes? I like greens and browns as I have hazel eyes, but I'm open to gold hues too. Gold might be a bit more christmassy, but I'm a daredevil. 

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? Hmm, this is tricky. I don't really let the seasons dictate my music, but I guess I like listening to acoustic music a bit more when the weather gets like this. However, catch me freezing on the train platform when my train is delayed and you know I'm listening to Everyday Is Like Sunday.

8. Favourite outfit to wear? Knitwear, next!

9. Autumn treat? You mean, birthday treat, yes? Of course you do! This year I'm hoping the birthday fairy brings me an ipad mini, otherwise I'll have to make that my treat.

10. Favourite place to be? If I'm wrapped up warm enough, I love taking Monty out for a walk. He's not exactly the most playful pup at times, but get him off his lead and off he goes, running off until he gets scared from crunchy leaves underfoot. 

If anyone else loves autumn as much as I do, feel free to do this tag yourself! I'd love to read about it so drop me a link once you're done :) 

Chelsea xo


  1. Great tag! I'm excited about Autumn so I can start wearing boots and chunky knits again :) xx


    1. There's nothing better, I think! :) xx

  2. Oh i hope the birthday fairy brings you an i pad mini. hot chocolate and knits are my FAV things too x

    1. I have got everything crossed! haha :) they're just so smushy and warm, love it! x

  3. I am definitely stealing this from your Chelsea! I love Autumn, it's just so pretty! I love that everything seems to smell of Cinnamon too, it's obviously the best scent going <3
    Kloe xxx

    1. You should do it! :) I know, cinnamon is the best, I used to have loads of cinnamon scented gel pens haha

  4. I love autumn almost as you it seems! Although my birthday isn't in the autumn months, so it's not quite as fun for me!

    I also did this tag today :)

    I hope you get what you want for your birthday, but as you said, treating yourself is always an option :P

    1. Oooh, gave you a follow :)
      Ha, I desperately hope I get what I want for my birthday but I seem to have a list as long as my arm! Luckily, Christmas isn't too far away ;) x


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