Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wednesday Wonderings #4

Here we are on the fourth WW. It should be the fifth, but I skipped last week in order to enjoy my anniversary. I'm sure you can all forgive me, and now I'll just hope straight in to it.

You know, I always find these posts quite difficult. I want them to allow me to be more 'lifestyle' in a time where I might not be doing anything fun enough to write about. I want to talk about things I am passionate about, but I also don't want to alienate my readers who might not agree with me. I'd love to write about something political, but there are so many things that make me so angry that I am not able to write coherently.

So, I thought I'd tell you all about one guy in my life who I love very much.

This little fluffball of utter sausageness is Monty. If you've been here since the start, you'll have seen him before. Monty is around six years old, but I've only had him for two and a half years. Since the first day of having him, Monty has definitely been a mummy's boy. He always sits by my side, and although he likes a good pat on the head from Joe, he will always want one from me first. I'd like to say that he leads quite a happy life - well, now that Dylan doesn't have his heart set on pulling his ears off!

Life hasn't always been so kind to Monty. He started his little Dachshund life as a pedigree pup, from a long line of Cruft-winning hunds. He was probably bought for some serious cash, and was destined to a life of studdery and showcasing. Sadly, Monty got ill and had to have his royal jewels removed. If you're destined to a life of studdery, you kind of need those. Whoever had Monty decided that if they couldn't make a profit from the pooch, they didn't want him. This is how I ended up with him.

Monty was such a timid little guy when I rehomed him. You couldn't even clap your hands without him getting scared and wanting to hide. Now he'll happily let us know if a villain is knocking at the door - usually after we've answered it, but he feels proud nonetheless.

Such a hard life, being a dog!
As much as I would love to get Monty a little doggy friend, I'm not entirely sure he would be thankful for it. He loves being in the centre of attention, but we will have to see. Once I eventually leave university and get a full time job (wishful thinking!) I would hate for him to be home alone all day throughout the week. Of course, having two dogs and a crazy toddler to look after would be hard work, but I've always been someone who has had dogs. When I was younger, we had a Great Dane (that's a Scooby Doo dog if you're wondering) called Arnie (my dad named him after his favourite Austrian movie star) and a Boxer dog named Sally. I used to nickname Sally 'Sumo' as she was a big ol' chubster, and I can't even recall the amount of times Arnie would just sit on me. That guy was all legs, let me tell you!

I actually never thought I would have a little dog, I always associated them with old ladies and those 'ankle-bitter' dogs. A part of me would love a Spaniel a I think it would look like a giant version of Monty and that would be endless lols. Another part of me would like another Dachshund, maybe a little short-haired ginger one.

I have grown rather fond of Monty, and I hope you like the look of him too. It's quite hard not to give his little tummy a scratch! 

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  1. it would be impossible not to love him, i already to after reading his story and seeing these pics. he looks so happy! i feel the same way about mine, although they can be so naughty haha xxx

    1. Monty isn't very naughty, although he loves lying on freshly washed things so you have to be quite quick to get it out of his way! hehe :) xx

  2. I'm allergic to dogs, but for the cuteness of Monty I'd happily enduring the sneezing!

    Donna xx

    1. Aw, he is pretty cute! We would just keep the tissues handy for you :) xx

  3. Awww, Monty is seriously cute! I'm allergic to dogs, but would happily endure some itching and sneezing for doggy kisses and cuddles from him xx

    1. He would happily give them, he's such a friendly chap! :) xx

  4. Ive nominated you for the liebster award (:
    Check it out here : :)
    Catherine x

  5. Ahhhhhh he is adorable! I really want a sausage dog, I'd call him Mr Pickles, but sadly I'm not allowed as I still live at home and my parents are bores hahaha.

    Hannah x


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