Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Sitdown.

As I try this, Dylan is upstairs listening to a youtube video of the minions singing the Banana song in reverse. He's been doing so for at least, hmm, 15 minutes? A part of me thinks he might be calling the devil or something, but I digress. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I've had a bit of bad luck recently (I'm sure I've started another post like this, so forgive me if this is Dé Javu) so I thought I might take some time to appreciate the nicer things in life. I know there's a Thankful Thursday slot for this, but why wait until then? 

Yesterday, I was making Rosie's Lemon Drizzle Cake and while I was happily slicing lemons, I ended up slicing through my finger. That's not much to be happy about, but I'm happy that I didn't actually slice the end of my finger off (it's a really sharp knife) but I didn't get any lemon juice in to the cut, which would have hurt like a mojo jojo, and I didn't get any blood on the lemon. Come to think of it, I didn't actually slice much of the lemon, but nonetheless it was bloodfree (I gave it a quick rinse as well) and everyone said my cake was super yummy. It didn't even last an hour! 

Another thing that has kept me happy, is that I finally sold my camera! I'm actually quite devastated about this, but times are hard and really, I shouldn't have bought it to begin with. To treat myself for selling it, I managed to talk Joe round in to letting me buy a Disney edition of Monopoly! They don't make it anymore, and it's a 'proper' Disney one, none of this Hannah Montana hoohah. 

A slightly superficial thing to feel happy about, but I am loving the Ciate Glossip paint pot shade. It is such a perfect coral, and it's just so shiny on my nails. I just love the little bow on the bottle as well, it's the little touches that make it seem so luxe. I got this shade in a Glossybox so I'm not sure if the name is a nod to that, or what. It's pretty, I like it.

Sorry about the instagram pics!
Lastly, the one thing that always makes me happy - family! Before the thunder started to roll in, we'd had a nice few sunny days and it was so nice to have a walk out and let the boys kick a football. Monty stayed by my side, and we made sure we weren't a sitting target! And today, we played Monopoly! Our version is really, really old, (I think it'd older than me?) and I just love it. Without hurting its feelings, it makes me so excited to play on the Disney one! I'm so cool it hurts.

Hope you've all had a nice week so far, and plenty to be happy about! I'd love to know what's really stood out for you :)
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  1. Sorry to hear about your finger, I love Rosie's blog too though - and was tempted to make that (although I'm an awful cook/baker so it probably wouldn't have tasted great). I have sold my camera too recently and it's like a little piece of me has gone haha, I didn't have it long - but truthfully, it was too much for something that I already had something of (that worked perfectly well), I had just bought it for it's video function - which I later decided I probably didn't need.

    Really love your blog by the way, have been reading quite awhile but I'm such a lazy commenter (I need to break the bad habit), so just wanted to let you know how fab I think it is!

    Have a lovely day :)

    Scarlett x

    1. Thanks for the comment, it's so nice when someone takes the time to write! I'm quite a lazy commenter though as well so I'm trying to get myself commenting on other blogs too :)


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